TikToker Nick DiGiovanni Just Broke This Sweet Guinness World Record

Although he already holds the title of "youngest-ever finalist on MasterChef," according to Forbes, Nick DiGiovanni has earned another distinguishment on his impressive culinary resume. The popular TikTok and YouTube food content creator sought to capture a Guinness World Record, so, in collaboration with fellow TikTok cook Lynn Davis, the pair skipped the single-serve cake pop for one of epic proportions.

A quick scan of the Guinness World Records website shows that there are many cake-related accolades. From longest cake to tallest cake to even the oldest cake, the designations are a dessert lover's dream come true. Although Sheffield Wednesday Football Club holds the record for Largest Cake Ball (not on a stick), DiGiovanni apparently wanted to claim the title for the World's Largest Cake Pop (on a stick). As chronicled in his TikTok video, he and Davis took a basic cake pop recipe and multiplied it "by a 1,000." Although this version certainly needs a knife and a plate to enjoy, it goes to show that sometimes bigger is better when it comes to sweets, and it earned the professional pair a place in food history. 

What went into making the World's Largest Cake Pop?

According to Guinness World Records, the World's Largest Cake Pop by DiGiovanni and Davis weighed in at an impressive 97.5 pounds, had a circumference of more than 50 inches, and was served on a 33-inch stick. Although no one could eat this confetti cake-flavored sweet treat on their own, it did not go to waste: The pair sliced up the cake pop to share with others and donated any unused ingredients to a local food bank.

Given the size of this monumental cake pop, DiGiovanni and Davis had to be a little creative. While the basics of a cake pop were employed (i.e. baked cakes crumbled and combined with frosting), the TikTok video seems to show that a custom mold was made to shape the record-holding cake ball. Since it wouldn't fit in a regular freezer, they placed the mold in a vat of dry ice, and the resulting cake pop was frosted and doused with 5 cups of sprinkles. Despite their win, DiGiovanni and Davis might not be stopping with just one record-breaking dessert. In the video's comments, DiGiovanni posed the question, "What record should we break next?!" Answers included World's Biggest Rice Krispies Treat to Largest Cheesecake, but many people are pushing for World's Largest Sushi Roll. Everyone will have to wait and see what gigantic food item will be on the menu next.