Hunter Reveals What Guy And The Rest Of The Fieri Family Usually Eat - Exclusive

Ever watch Guy Fieri sink his teeth into a gigantic burger or toppings-heaped hot dog on an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and wonder to yourself, "What does this man eat when he's at home with his family? Do he and his wife Lori and their sons live on these kinds of greasy spoon specials every day?" This question is all the more pressing because Fieri's oldest child, Hunter Fieri, just kicked off his own solo collaboration with the plant-based pasta brand, ZENB, and shot a mini-documentary called "What Plants Can Do" which certainly was not a celebration of a decadent carnivorous lifestyle. Could Hunter's foray into vegetarian food be an act of rebellion after a childhood of artery-clogging fare?

Not at all. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Hunter Fieri revealed that when the cameras aren't rolling, the Fieris often eat meatless, healthy meals. "We'll eat burgers and we'll do tacos and nachos, big trashcan nachos or onion rings, whatever. We will indulge ourselves in the worst foods possible that you can put in your body, but we also to eat salad, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts –- we're super-big on that," Fieri said. "So, it's just like you eat some of this, you eat some of that. You have that, you have some good food, it will balance itself out, really. We don't plan it, it's just what we like to eat. Both rules."

This is the most important lesson about food that Guy Fieri taught to his son

Whether biting into a taco or a cauliflower floret, what matters most is where the ingredients of these foods come from, according to Hunter Fieri, who said he learned to favor eating foods grown or raised on farms from his father. Guy Fieri taught Hunter "to really appreciate the food and understand where your food comes from, especially learning the different types of meats, or farm-to-table's a big thing," he said. "He teaches me about the fact, where the food is from, and why it's important, and how it started, and the flavor of it and the culture behind it. I think that was probably one of the most important things that I've been learning. There's still so much to learn!"

You can watch this wisdom being imparted on your own screen if you stream the Food Network's special, "Guy & Hunter's European Vacation." Hunter Fieri shared that this trip was when he first became aware of the importance of the source of food. "We did a big trip to Europe when I graduated from high school in 2015 and we went out there and the whole point was to learn farm-to-table and to learn where the food comes from, and how ... different cultures [were] raised and came up to where they are now," he recalled. "I got to milk goats. I got to make Parmesan cheese, all this stuff."

Watch Hunter Fieri's mini documentary, "What Plants Can Do," and be sure to check out ZENB's yellow pea pasta products online.