The Truth About Guy Fieri's Wife

Celebrity chef and "Mayor of Flavortown" Guy Fieri is what some might describe as an acquired taste. While vocal fans have tried to honor him (and show their distaste for Christopher Columbus) by petitioning to rename Fieri's native Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown, other people have loudly voiced how much they can't stand the guy. Former Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives producer David Page painted him in a very unsavory light as part of a lawsuit that jeopardized the show, according to Grub Street. And one of the parts that wasn't unknown about the late Anthony Bordain was his disdain for the polarizing food personality.

Even Fieri's wife, Lori, wasn't exactly his biggest fan when they first met. As he explained to Delish, Lori's "friend had been let go from the restaurant" he ran in Long Beach, California. "I was talking to her friend and saying 'Hey, listen, wait a few weeks before you come in,' and standing behind her is this blue-eyed, blonde girl giving me this mean mug." Lori went from standing behind to standing up for her friend, insisting that they didn't have to leave. Little did she realize, he wanted nothing more than for her to stay.

For Guy Fieri's wife, it was love at first bite

Lori didn't live in Long Beach and didn't intend to. She had planned to move from Rhode Island to San Diego when she gave Guy Fieri a piece of her mind. Instead she took his whole heart. He recalled, "I knew as soon as I saw her. I just knew." Fieri diffused the situation at his restaurant and sat with the women to talk. Apparently, he also talked Lori into letting him cook for her.

The way to Lori's heart was through her stomach. Fieri couldn't remember the meal, but their love became the main course. In 1995, they tied the knot, per Biography. The pair have two sons. As the First Lady of Flavortown, Lori has helped him serve constituents. When he decided to commandeer a cruise ship kitchen and cook for the passengers, Lori helped him serve 700 burgers. She has apparently supported just about all of his harebrained ideas, though maybe not the hair surrounding his brain.

"When I first met him, he had no goatee," Lori told People magazine. "He had dark hair. He wore a suit to work every day." His last name wasn't even Fieri — it was Ferry. Though she sometimes wishes his now-famous frosted tips would melt away, his hair is just the tip of the iceberg for Lori, who described her husband as a "fantastic" guy who makes her laugh. That's probably the sweetest thing in all of Flavortown.

What Guy Fieri and his wife cook for each other

Guy Fieri might not remember the meal that he cooked for Lori on their first date, but in 2018, he told Today, "My linguini and clams is probably one of her all-time favorites, especially when the clams are really small. And when we sit down together to have a really nice dinner." Normally, Lori also asks him to make Mexican or Chinese dishes when he cooks. But these gestures of edible affection aren't one-sided. "There's an old school recipe [Lori] makes that she brought home from where she grew up in Rhode Island,' Fieri explained. "It's one of the first things she ever cooked for me and it's still a favorite of mine."

Lori dubs her dish "noodles and beef," which sounds rather bland for a place called Flavortown. But don't let that flavorless name fool you. Fieri elaborated: "She sautés top sirloin with onions, mushrooms and garlic. "And she makes this fantastic gravy and serves it over egg noodles." Besides, from the sound of things, no matter what they whip up, they end up filling each other with love.

The secret ingredient of Guy Fieri's marriage

It can't be easy being married to the Mayor of Flavortown, though not for the reason some people might think. While Fieri's flamboyant persona can be as tough to swallow as a kick to the uvula for his critics, when Delish's Candace Braun Davison interviewed him, she found Fieri "quiet, almost pensive" at one point. At every point he seemed like a devoted husband and father. "My whole world revolves around my family," said Fieri. The problem is that his world turns at whiplash speed.

In 2018, Fieri operated 63 restaurants and is the face of both Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and Guy's Grocery Games. His hectic schedule has frequently kept him on the road and away from home. But flexibility has allowed Lori and her spiky-haired husband to fit comfortably in each other's worlds with the limited time they have. "It's all compromise and understanding," according to Fieri. And it probably doesn't hurt that they like each other's cooking.