Chick-Fil-A's Most-Ordered Menu Item Of 2021 May Not Surprise You

There's a reason Chick-fil-a is always on those lists for best fast food restaurant. It's just that good. In 2021, it topped the Axios Harris Poll, ranking first when it comes to most trusted brands. And while no one is counting, it isn't the first time that the Eat Mor Chikin' restaurant has held this title, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Chik-fil-a was king of the fast food chain hill in 2019 as well Then of course, there's the American Customer Satisfaction Index which has placed the chicken sandwich company in the number one spot for seven consecutive years. Chik-fil-a is clearly doing something right. And what's not to love? Frozen lemonade, creamy milkshakes, juicy chicken sandwiches that always have two pickles – never one — honestly, we are getting hungry just thinking about their menu items.

Chick-fil-a is nirvana for the taste buds, but if you are after their most popular offering, it should come as no surprise that the menu item that, per the company's Chickenwire, has unanimously captured our hearts and our mouths from coast to coast, is one of their most iconic and delicious. In fact, like the accolade decorated fast food chain it calls home, this Chick-fil-a menu item has been a favorite for at least three years straight, receiving the honor in 2019, 2020, and again this year. 

Waffle fries for the win

If you guessed waffle fries, then winner, winner, Chick-fil-a dinner, because according to the Chickenwire, the fast food chain's waffle fries are the most beloved menu item no matter where you go. How do we know this? Chick-fil-a broke down the popularity of their favorite menu items by region, and regardless of where you work, go to school, surf — waffle fries get the 'W.'

But what makes this quick-service restaurant's fries so tasty that we are all ordering them? It all starts with the ingredients and Chick-fil-a shares that they've been getting the potatoes they use from the same Washington State farm since 1906. Their unique waffle shape gives eaters "more dipping power" to enjoy that yummy Chick-fil-a sauce on every square inch of these fries. They practice the philosophy of waste not, want not, frying up those thicker crumbs of potatoes that still have the skin on them. Don't take Chick-fil-a's word alone that their waffle fries are the best. Check out The Ringer's blog where they rank the top 50 fast food items in the nation. Spoilers: Chick-fil-a waffle fries top their list too.