The Surprising Reason Reddit Users Say Starbucks Employees Can Be Fired

There are some specific company rules that Starbucks employees have to follow. According to Worldation, staff members of the massive coffee chain aren't permitted to wear nail polish, post anything negative on social media, or frown. Employees aren't allowed to change the recipes or temperature of the beverages, and each has a certain station to tend to.

Aside from a paycheck, the perks to working at this popular latte spot include a pound of coffee or a box of tea each week, and a free drink and snack to enjoy while on break. But Reddit users are claiming that there are guidelines involving those break beverages through which staff members, referred to by Starbucks as "Partners," can be fired if they violate. In a Reddit thread titled "manager told me making my own drinks is a fireable offense, is this true?" commenters claiming to be partners and managers chimed in on this alleged policy with some explanations as to why the practice is a big no-no.

Starbucks employees may get disciplined for making their own beverages

One Reddit user claimed that making one's own drinks while working a shift at Starbucks, even on break, is against the rules, sharing, "If you make it during your break, you could later claim that you weren't allowed your full break, which puts the company in hot water. You could also be 'stealing' if the drink isn't rung out exactly how you made it, or at all." 

A few Starbucks employees posted on the Reddit thread that some managers do allow them to make their own. One former manager joined in confirming that yes, making your own drinks is cause for disciplinary action, but adding, "I always allowed my staff to do it, but told them to ring it up." 

A Quora user weighed in on the policy, agreeing that it differs depending on each store's management. "[T]he wiggle room with this is entirely up to how strictly the store is run" and goes on to claim that as a Starbucks employee, you're "allowed whatever you can get away with."

Mashed was unable to locate an employee manual that either confirms or denies this practice as a fireable offense, but if you are a Starbucks partner, it's wise to check with management before whipping up your own Frappuccino.