Strawberry Cake Mixes Ranked Worst To Best

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There's no doubt about it: strawberries are one of the most popular fruits across the globe. When we think of strawberries, we're taken back to that Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever," or we fondly reminisce about enjoying some strawberries and whipped cream on a nice summer day. It's an amazingly healthy choice for a treat as well, with strawberries having high levels of Vitamin C, which is vital for healthy skin and a strong immune system. When it comes to desserts, strawberries have made themselves one of the most pinnacle flavors of a sweet treat you can find, from strawberry ice cream and chocolate-covered strawberries to a strawberry parfait or shortcake.

Among the best strawberry-centered desserts is a simple, yet satisfying strawberry cake. When you browse the baking aisle of the grocery store, you'll find various cake and cupcake mixes lining the section's shelves. With so many mix brands and options, it's difficult to decide which mix will result in the most stupendous strawberry cake for you. Luckily, we've searched far and wide and compiled a list of nine strawberry cake mixes, ranking them from worst to best. We pulled out all the stops for this list, and you'll find some pretty surprising mix brands here. So, let us take you down, 'cause we're going to strawberry cake fields.

9. Butterfly Eggless Supreme Strawberry Cake Mix

The first strawberry cake mix on this list is the Butterfly Eggless Supreme Strawberry Cake Mix offered through Navafresh. Navafresh is an online grocery site that lets you browse international food items, and it has locations in the U.K. and India, as well as a central warehouse in Delaware. The company that Navafresh distributes the cake for is Butterfly, which is based in India. It offers cake mixes, flours, yeast, and other baking materials. The brand's strawberry cake mix is a vegetarian mix that doesn't involve the use of any eggs while baking.

While we love the idea of a vegetarian cake, we'd rather our strawberry desserts not sacrifice their flavor in the process. The yolk of an egg contains fat that helps enrich a cake's flavor, regardless of what kind of cake it might be. Furthermore, the liquidness of an egg helps contribute to a soft, moist dessert. However, because Butterfly's cake mix is eggless, its finished product had a different texture than your standard cake, which was difficult to ignore. Furthermore, because it was an international product, the shipping cost was rather high, with a single box being $22. While we love having vegetarian options, there are other vegetarian or vegan cake mix alternatives available, and we wouldn't recommend this product.

8. Mojo's Children's Easy to Bake Strawberry Cake Mix

You might be startled to see a children's Easy-Bake Oven cake mix on this list, but as we said before, we want to try to hit all possible strawberry cake mix options for you, no matter how surprising they may be! While some of you may be wondering when you would ever use this, those who are familiar with Easy-Bake Ovens or like the idea of a small cake to enjoy will be interested in this product. This cake mix is Mojo's Children's Easy to Bake Strawberry Cake Mix, which is one of three children's cake mixes on this list. Mojo's specializes in mixes designed to bake with Easy-Bake Ovens and offers mix items such as pizza, pretzels, and brownies, as well as simple instructions on how to make them.

The cake mix itself is decent enough. The finished product was small enough to be a single slice of cake and was eaten in a single bite. It tasted light and sweet, but what we felt was lacking in the flavor department was strawberry. The sweetness of the cake made it difficult to taste any real strawberry flavor. With that in mind, we found that there were other mixes that better satisfied our strawberry cake cravings.

7. Lalaloopsy Baking Oven Mix- Chocolate & Strawberry Cake

When you hear the word "Lalaloopsy," you likely think of the cute, button-eyed dolls you may have grown up with or saw parents get their children to play with. When the dolls were popular, the company also created a baking oven, and with that, the Chocolate & Strawberry Cake Lalaloopsy Baking Oven Mix. This strawberry-chocolate delight sports a beautiful pink and brown color combination after being baked, and the recipes that are included with this mix are inspired directly by the adorable little cartoon characters.

While marketed toward kids, we couldn't help but perk up at the idea of a chocolate and strawberry cake. Like the previous cake mix on this list, the size of cake that this mix makes is rather small and is more like a strawberry cookie in size. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in taste. We love chocolate-covered strawberries as a dessert, and the blend of the two flavors in the cake mix made for a pretty solid treat. While with this mix we could taste a bit of strawberry, the chocolate did overpower that quite a bit. We likely wouldn't get this again, but if you like chocolate and strawberries and you want a smaller treat for yourself, this is the mix for you.

6. Easy-Bake Red Velvet & Strawberry Cakes

The final "children's" strawberry cake kit we have on this list is Easy-Bake Red Velvet & Strawberry Cakes. Many likely have fond memories of unwrapping an Easy-Bake Oven as a present and learning how to bake all of the miniature treats with the kits we were given. This mix comes with separate strawberry and red velvet mixes that can both be baked to create a sweet, rich, strawberry and red velvet layer cake, along with vanilla and pink frostings to ice it with. When finished, you'll have lovely, bite-sized cakes for you to enjoy on your own or with others.

These mini cakes were great, and the mix has many positive reviews on Amazon, with one customer enthusing that the cake is "Fun and yummy, too!" The strawberry cake was light with a pretty pink color. The flavor was decent too, though it wasn't as "strawberry-y" as we would've preferred. The biggest downside to this mix was the red velvet side of the cake. If we want red velvet cake (which is just as delicious as strawberry), we'll get a red velvet cake. In this mix, however, much like the chocolate flavor in the last mix, the red velvet flavor overpowered the strawberry a little too much for us. If you like red velvet cake, then this might be your jam. If you're hoping to taste strawberry, we suggest you look elsewhere.

5. Duncan Hines Perfectly Moist Signature Strawberry Supreme Cake Mix

Duncan Hines Perfectly Moist Signature Strawberry Supreme Cake Mix is another cake mix that people are likely familiar with if they bake lots of cakes. This company centered around baking mixes has been around for over five decades and was founded by a "cake connoisseur" named Duncan Hines, who also was a restaurant reviewer, as well as a salesman. He helped foster the creation of delicious cake mixes, including the brand's signature strawberry cake-making kit. This cake is shown in a bold pink color and coated in a light strawberry frosting.

This cake is titled as being "perfectly moist," and there really isn't any other way to describe the texture that results from baking this mix. Furthermore, unlike many of the other strawberry cake mixes on this list, this one also seems to have little bits of strawberry in it, giving it a stronger fruit flavor. For that, we liked this cake, and when looking for something that screamed "strawberry," it met that expectation better than most. However, reviews for this cake on the manufacturer's website are mixed, with some claiming that the quality of these cakes has changed. One reviewer complained that the dough is "runny and didn't rise at all." So if you're looking for a good cake mix, this may be a hit or miss. Regardless, our experience with this mix was pleasant, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a strawberry cake.

4. Pillsbury Funfetti Strawberry Cake & Cupcake Mix with Candy Bits

The name Pillsbury likely makes you think of the doughy cartoon character that is shown on most Pillsbury products, joyfully showing off his oven and toaster foods. Pillsbury Funfetti Strawberry Cake & Cupcake Mix with Candy Bits is the next cake mix we want to tell you about, and for a good reason. The Pillsbury brand is well known for its dough and bread products, from its crescent rolls and biscuits to cookie doughs and brownies. Despite being a company that produces refrigerated, pre-made food, almost every Pillsbury product manages to give consumers a homemade, comforting taste. The Pillsbury Funfetti Strawberry mix with candy bits is no different.

This cake-making kit comes in a bright pink box with a magical unicorn accompanying the Pillsbury mascot on the front. The treat itself is a gentle pink with purple and yellow Funfetti candy bits all throughout the cake. The frosting that is shown on the front is not included but is a Pillsbury vanilla frosting you can also find in stores. This cake is a lot sweeter than the brand's standard strawberry cake, and the candy bits in the mix only add to this. If you like your cakes to have an extra sweet taste, then you'll adore this cake. However, if you're hoping for an overwhelming taste of strawberry, there are other mixes on this list for you.

3. Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix, Strawberry

The second Pillsbury cake mix on this list, Pillsbury Moist Strawberry Supreme Cake Mix, did not disappoint us and took third place out of all the strawberry cake mixes we reviewed. Unlike its Funfetti, candy-filled counterpart, it doesn't have as much of an overwhelmingly sweet taste to it, and you can actually taste a bit more strawberry flavor in this cake. Once it's gone through an oven, the finished result is a dark pink, light, and moist dessert perfect for birthdays or any time of year you want a strawberry cake!

This cake is just as it is branded: incredibly moist. Most reviews agree, with one Amazon purchaser stating that the mix results in a cake that "Tastes great. Sweet and moist." The one critique we have is that we wished it tasted a little more like strawberries than strawberry candy (which is still good, and if you like strawberry candy, then this is perfect!). Other than that, this mix is easy to find in stores and is a staple for many strawberry cake lovers.

2. The Caker - Strawberry-Lemon Poppyseed Cake Mix

This next cake has a fruitier, tangy flavor and is more of a unique strawberry cake mix than others on this list. It's The Lemon Strawberry Poppy Seed Cake Mix by The Caker. The Caker is a cake company that originated in New Zealand created by Jordan Rondel. Rondel has extended her cake expertise across the waters, and at the moment, has two cake bakeries: one in Los Angeles and another in Auckland. She offers beautiful cakes and mixes including matcha cherry, a flourless dark chocolate gold leaf mix, and of course, lemon strawberry poppy seed.

We were blown away by the beauty and taste of this cake. All the flavors were there: sweet strawberry, tangy lemon, and a slightly nutty poppy seed taste. The recipe also calls for real strawberries, unlike many of the other cake mix recipes listed on the boxes. This fruity, tart cake has nothing going against it flavor-wise unless you don't like lemon. The only thing we can really critique is its accessibility. Despite its amazing flavor, unless you live close to either of Rondel's cakeries, you'll have to order this online, unlike other mixes that are easily accessible in most grocery stores. Regardless, even if you aren't typically drawn to lemon-flavored desserts, we highly suggest you try this cake at least once.

1. Betty Crocker Super Moist Strawberry Cake Mix

In the baking world, it's almost impossible to not know the name Betty Crocker. This baking-centered company is one of the most well-known in the world, and the website claims that it gets "12 million visitors each month." It was created in 1921 — exactly 100 years ago as of this writing. Since then, this fictional character has been General Mills' mascot for one of the most popular and enjoyed baking mix companies and has seen the creation of many different cake mix flavors, including our number one pick for this list: Betty Crocker Super Moist Strawberry Cake Mix.

There isn't anything bad we can say about this cake mix. If you make this cake, then you are guaranteed a soft, moist, and delicious pink strawberry cake. Reviews for this cake are heavily positive and in adoration of the flavor, with the product having over 13,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8/5 star rating. Reviews say that the strawberry cake is incredibly addictive, and out of three different cake flavors Betty Crocker offers, strawberry "was the favorite!" at one fan's decorating party. It's also incredibly easy to order online or find in local grocery stores. If you want a tasty, reliable, and reasonably priced strawberry cake mix, go for Betty Crocker's.