The Bizarre Reason This TikToker Returned Her Starbucks Drink

Starbucks is a mystical coffee land where anything goes. There is no shortage of "secret menu items" that go viral on social media with all sorts of crazy flavor combinations. Although these drinks are often complicated and seem annoying to make, Starbucks employees are required to make any and all custom drink orders. An especially extra custom order was featured in an Eater article and the drink, now nicknamed "The Edward," was a venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino with 13 add-ons. This viral drink created an unfortunate situation for Starbucks baristas because there was nothing they could do to stop customers from ordering it.

In response to this crazy drink, a Starbucks representative told Fox News that customizing drinks to help customers find their perfect beverage has always been the heart of the Starbucks experience. They are happy to let the customers go wild and add as many ingredients as they want. Then, if the customer doesn't like their Frankenstein drink, Starbucks employees are required to remake it, no questions asked (via Starbucks official website). In most situations, returning a drink has to do with flavor, but in the case of this TikToker, they returned it based on appearance.

The drink didn't match her makeup

According to Starbucks' customer service policy, employees have to make the customer's drink exactly how they want it, no matter how ridiculous the request. In the case of this TikToker, she was getting her drink purely for aesthetics, not adding 20 ingredients for a little bit of spice. In the viral TikTok, @conniecantu explained that she asked the barista to remake her drink because it was "about 3 shades lighter than NC40," which is a shade from MAC cosmetics. Her account is now disabled (not sure if it's related to this video or not), but the audio for the video reportedly featured her lip-syncing to a clip saying "That's embarrassing."

I bet none of the Starbucks employees were expecting a quiz on makeup shades that day and TikTok users came to their defense in the comments. @qwueer commented "Tell me you've never worked retail without telling me," while another user wrote, "Girl, if it's not the right shade, you should be making your own coffee at home." Perhaps if she simply requested less milk in the drink, which would make it darker, she would have avoided this roasting in the comments.