TikTok Can't Decide Who The Karen Is In This Dunkin' Drive-Thru Video

It's time for the next episode of "Who's the Karen?" Usually, it's obvious, but one TikTok video has users divided on who's really the unreasonable one at the drive-thru. According to the Daily Dot, the story begins when a drive-thru worker at Dunkin' Donuts forgets to turn off her mic and says something derogatory about the customer, which she later repeats: "What I said was 'this stupid idiot comes to the F***ing window and doesn't want to order and wants to be lazy.'" The context is unclear, however — the TikTok footage begins as the argument is already taking place and the employee is clearly already in a bad mood.

It appears that part of the trouble stems from the fact that the person in the car works for DoorDash and has experienced a miscommunication about whether he should be picking up customer's order at the intercom or at the window. As one TikTok commenter wrote, "She's mad that he was doing the job right. Why he gotta tell the intercom about DoorDash when he is supposed to show up the window to pick up an order," to which Ricardo Baaklini, who recorded and posted the TikTok, replies, "Thank you!" 

Another viewer feels differently, saying "if you're DoorDash you have to tell them you're Doordash at the intercom don't be lazy like she said." Indeed, DoorDash policy seems to indicate that identifying oneself as a delivery worker is the preferred practice.

There's no need for that kind of language

Baaklini may be wrong, but it's definitely unprofessional for the Dunkin' employee to use the kind of language she did. When the Dunkin' Karen said "Uh, what's my name? Go f** yourself," DoorDash Karen snaps back with a threat. "Alright, I'm going to need you to calm down before I get your a** fired tomorrow," (via TikTok). When it comes to deescalating a situation, this was probably a poor choice. As Northeastern Police Department Sgt. John Farrell puts it, "Never in the history of calming down has anyone calmed down by being told to calm down," (via Northeastern).

Things clearly did escalate; the two began tossing back insults based on personal appearance. While this amused viewers and the situation ultimately ended safely, we simply can't be advocates for this type of reaction from either party. As they say on Reddit, ESH (everyone sucks here). 

Many viewers have been tagging Dunkin' with requests for the drive-thru employee to be fired, but we also can't imagine DoorDash is pleased with this response by their driver, regardless of who started the argument. Baklaani has gone on record stating he believes the situation is entirely the Dunkin' Karen's fault, while a spokeswoman for DoorDash told Newsweek, "The behavior shown in this video is extremely concerning and has no place on our platform." Dunkin' and the employee in the video have not commented.