Andrew Zimmern's Martial Arts Fail Has Instagram Cracking Up

Do you have something you really want to promote? Perhaps you should take a cue from Andrew Zimmern and potentially injure yourself. Or, at least, fall over in a comical way. That's what the star chef did this week on Instagram in an effort to promote his newsletter subscription service on Substack.

"Want the best even when I am at my worst? Subscribe to my Substack," he wrote in the description of a video in which he displays increasing levels of martial arts talent and aggression against kitchen objects. He first flings an orange in the air and chops it. Someone provides a Jimmy Johns sandwich on a cutting board. Zimmern chops that too. Then, a water jug is placed out on the table, and he proceeds to give it a roundhouse kick. Except, he seems to have misjudged his aim because he spins too wildly, falls over, and bumps his head.

"That's gonna leave a mark," Michael Symon commented on the post. The Potash Twins also said, "Bringing this back shows true courage." Even non-celebs joined in with their thoughts. "I've never been so concerned and entertained," one person wrote. Another tried to talk Zimmern down: "Chef, we are not 18 anymore. Your head bounced well off those tiles. It's safer in the kitchen." If this is the content Zimmern offers at his worst, it's safe to say that his Substack should do well.

The video fail also answers an important question raised eight years ago

Watching Andrew Zimmern spin around and fall in his latest Instagram video raises odds that if he and Anthony Bourdain were to have ever gotten into a street brawl, Bourdain would have probably edged ahead. In fairness, the question was raised initially eight years ago.

In a Reddit AMA featuring Zimmern, one Redditor asked him which of the two culinary celebs would win in a street fight. "That's a great question," Zimmern responded. He then proceeded to describe Bourdain in some choice language and noted that the "Parts Unknown" host, at the time, was also learning MMA from his wife, Ottavia. "All of that being said," Zimmern continued, "I would never bet against myself, anywhere, anytime in any alley. Just ask my martial arts coach, Tiger Chen, he'll vouch for me." He ended by flipping the question back to see what tag teams people wanted to see paired against a dynamic duo composed of Zimmern and Bourdain.

You did read that right, by the way. Zimmern name-dropped Tiger Chen who famously choreographed the fighting in the "Matrix" series and "Kill Bill: Volume 1." And, perhaps his choreography came into play in the Instagram post — the fall was almost a too perfect of a comedic moment to be an accident.