Need A Job? Mr. Peanut Wants You To Drive The 'NUTmobile'

As most recent college grads can attest, finding your first job can be a bit more challenging than you might have expected. But if you're looking to be hired and desire a position that offers flexibility, traveling opportunities, the chance to meet new people, and, well, peanuts — this just might be the job for you.

According to a press release shared with Mashed, Planters is looking for three recent college graduates to take on driver duties for the iconic NUTmobile — namely, these three "Peanutters" would chauffeur Mr. Peanut around in a 26-foot-long nut on wheels.

The company's chosen employees will have the opportunity to drive coast-to-coast while making pit stops at communities along the way. If you're already a part of The Peanut Pals fan club or you just love the Planters brand, this could be the perfect entry-level role for you. (And it makes for a great story, too.)

Represent Planters across the country in this exciting job role

If you think driving the NUTmobile and captivating fans across the United States sounds like fun, here's more of what the job entails. First, you'll be heading to events that take place in local communities where "Peanutters" (the official job title) are responsible for engaging in media interviews and appearances with various outlets. This may include local radio, television, and digital publications. But, that's not all.

Some fun aspects of the job consist of "working alongside people who perform little acts of substance for their communities at volunteer projects" and "cracking nut puns and ensuring everyone has a nutty time with Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile" (via a press release shared with Mashed). Pun kings or queens who want to "shellebrate" with a new job in the new year, here's how to you go about applying.

The application period starts today, January 4, and is open until January 24. You can find all the details on the official Planters website