The Truth About Hector Peralta From Worst Cooks In America Season 24

The Food Network reality competition series, "Worst Cooks in America," debuts its 24th season Wednesday at 8 pm EST. Cliff Crooks joins seasoned host Anne Burrell to mentor 12 willing-to-learn contestants, all of who claim to be terrible at cooking. FoodSided shares that the new season will offer even more kitchen catastrophes, as this season has the participants working in pairs.

One hopeful, Hector Peralta, is joining his wife on the show, and according to an interview with WHTM-TV, the ABC-affiliated TV channel that serves Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley region, neither he nor his wife, Bianca Bencosme, can whip up a meal. Interviewer Seth Kaplan notes how most people who marry hope that their partner can complement deficiencies in their skillset, to which Peralta laughs, claiming, "that didn't happen."

Yet, this lack of skillset makes them ideal candidates for the 24th season of "Worst Cooks in America." Bianca excitedly shares with Kaplan," This my time to shine," while Hector teases, "This is her time to learn something."

Hector loves his mom's cooking

Deemed potential local celebrities by Seth Kaplan of WHTM-TV, Hector Peralta and Bianca Bencosme humbly deny that. The two share that they are truly bad at cooking, and have had incidents involving the fire department and even eluded to a food poisoning incident. When Kaplan asked when it was that they really knew they were bad at cooking, Peralta stated "You just gotta taste it. That's it. You get sick. You burn stuff. There's smoke. There's a lot of clues there." 

Hector and Bianca discussed their roots in the Dominican Republic, where cooking and eating are a prominent part of the culture. Bianca, however, shares that her family would never let her in the kitchen. Peralta admitted that they continue to count on their parents to cook for them. 

One fun fact we learned about Hector via this interview is that he's a self-proclaimed mommas boy, and goes as far as to say that he's her favorite. He shares that, in addition to his mom's cooking, he loves takeout, and Bianca concurs saying that they support their local restaurants.