This Coca-Cola Urban Legend Is Actually True

Coca-Cola is one of the world's most recognized brands. With flavors ranging from the original Coke to Diet Coke and Cherry Coke, this pop has something of a cult following. According to Business Insider, over 10,000 Coca-Cola products are consumed each second of every day. That number is astronomical. There's got to be something in Coca-Cola that keeps everyone coming back — but we'll get to that.

The first Coca-Cola drink was sold in 1886 at an Atlanta pharmacy, according to The Coca-Cola Company. Yup, Coke was originally considered medicinal due to its ingredients. Even today, there are lingering jokes about people wanting Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in its drinks. While this might sound a little crazy, even this story has some truth to it. The original Coca-Cola was named for one of its ingredients — cocaine. No wonder we can't stop drinking it! (Kidding. Coca-Cola has been coke-free since 1903.) 

Just how much coke was in Coke?

In the beginning, Coca-Cola was primarily made with coca leaves and the kola nut, according to The Daily Meal. It also originally contained alcohol, but that particular ingredient was soon phased out due to Prohibition.

Just before the coca leaf syrup (or as many know it, the cocaine syrup) was also phased out, a single glass of Coca-Cola had about nine milligrams of cocaine in it. Certainly not enough to get anyone high, but we can't blame them for eventually removing cocaine from the recipe.

Thankfully, the elimination of cocaine had little effect on taste. As it turns out, the flavoring can be removed from the coca leaves, making it a separate ingredient from the actual cocaine (via Business Insider). So while today's Coke products do contain coca extract, they no longer contain cocaine. If you feel like your Coke is missing something, perhaps try adding some rum, wine, or spices.