Aldi Fans Are Freaking Out Over These Street Taco Kits

Taco Tuesday is here once again – have you figured out what you're going to do to celebrate? Taco Bell is a safe bet when you're seeking out a meal for the weekly food holiday that is both cheap and indulgent, especially since the chain's grub is surprisingly healthy as well. But this isn't just any Taco Tuesday; it's the first one of the new year, and if you ask us, we think that makes it deserving of an extra special feast. You could head to the grocery store to gather all of the fixings for an extravagant at-home taco night. However, with CNBC reporting a 20% increase in the cost of beef – and the price of produce likely following suit – going that route can make your Taco Tuesday event seriously rough on the wallet.

Fear not. If you're starting to worry that you may drop the ball on 2022's inaugural Taco Tuesday, a trip to everyone's favorite affordable grocer, Aldi, can help make all of your troubles go away. The chain has two new chicken street taco kits just in time for the celebration, which Aldi fan Instagram account @adventuresinaldi recently spotted in the freezer section of their local store, and these aren't just any chicken street tacos, either. "We've got Bangkok & Korean BBQ inspired kits," the Instagrammer detailed in a post alerting their followers about the products on Monday, January 3 that has many Aldi fans ready to seek out the kits for themselves.

Kick Taco Tuesday up a notch with Aldi's new street taco kits

If the brightly-colored boxes that Aldi's new chicken street taco kits come in aren't enough to catch your eye, perhaps the details of each product will do the trick. As seen in the above photo shared by Instagram user @adventuresinaldi, the neon green box of Bangkok Inspired Chicken Street Tacos includes four "white corn tortillas filled with seasoned white chicken meat, onions, bell peppers and scallions tossed in pad thai spices." The Korean BBQ-inspired kit, meanwhile, reads nearly the same, but instead of pad thai spices, the fixings for the chicken tacos are flavored by a "Korean-inspired BBQ sauce." Each kit can be prepared in the microwave in a matter of three minutes and contains enough to feed two people. However, we wouldn't blame you if you want to keep all four tacos yourself.

The taco kits certainly seem to have caused a stir amongst Instagram users. The Jan 3 post by @adventuresinaldi has racked up 580 likes and several comments. Some simply tagged friends to further spread the news about the frozen meals, though user @walmarting couldn't help but express their own excitement. "I need to find these! They look so good," the Instagrammer commented. If you're ready to search your local Aldi for these unique street taco kits too, perhaps you can grab ingredients for these recipes as well to help take your Taco Tuesday to the next level.