Amazon Employee Begs You Not To Buy Its Food In Viral TikTok

Amazon is shoppers' go-to stop for nearly everything, even groceries. In July 2021, the online store surpassed other favorite retailers like Walmart and Costco to be named America's preferred grocery store, which attributes to shoppers' desire to stay safe during the pandemic. "COVID-19 created a perfect storm that played right into the unique strengths of Amazon's customer value proposition," the study that produced the results stated. Supermarket News projects the online grocery giant will only continue to grow, stating sales of consumable groceries will almost double by 2026. 

But with shipping delays sweeping the country and CNBC saying they probably won't clear up anytime soon, demand on all online retailers has increased. TikTok user @rxggiv, presumably an Amazon employee, is encouraging customers not to purchase their groceries from Amazon in a new video featuring an employee sorting packages. The text over the video reads, "A little advice from an Amazon employee... pls stop buying beverages or food products from Amazon

The TikToker alleges that packaging machines often damage goods

TikToker @rxggiv took to the video's comments to explain the post, clarifying that there isn't anything wrong with the food. Rather, they're alleging that there's a problem with the devices that package it, stating that when these machines malfunction, the food products spill, further breaking other machines and also damaging other packages. 

One commenter, @dunndunie, expressed their frustration with the concept, writing, "Well my mom depends on Amazon an idk what to tell her tbh." So @rxggiv made another TikTok responding to @dunndunie, reiterating their issue is with the robotic packagers. "If you are disabled, or you just rely on Amazon, if it's possible, please get your groceries from another online grocery shopping thing," @rxggiv said. User @dunndunie expressed their gratitude for the clarification in the comments, explaining that their mother is older and stays home to avoid catching COVID-19. Other users chimed in, recommending other grocery delivery services they feel are better, including Instacart and DoorDash.