The Reason Kroger's Chicken Salad Croissants Are Being Recalled

It is nearly impossible to be aware of the risks associated with every single food. Even more unfortunately, there are times when grocery stores themselves are unaware of safety issues inside the products stocked on their shelves. In the past month alone, there have been recalls of items such as sandwich bread, lettuce, meat, and more — and that's actually in a period of fewer reported food recalls.

If you shop at Kroger, you may have heard about recent struggles at the popular grocery chain, including a Butterball turkey recall and even suspicions that the chain might not survive 2022 due to controversy about paying employees higher wages during the pandemic. The latest item on Kroger's list of concerns is the chain's chicken salad croissant sandwiches, which are causing alarm due to one unexpected ingredient that could cause a serious allergic reaction among some customers.

These recalled chicken salad sandwiches actually contained tuna

Though improperly cooked or stored chicken poses a common health risk, it's not the poultry inside Kroger's chicken salad croissant sandwiches, manufactured by GHGA, LLC., that is currently a cause for concern. Instead, according to the FDA, the croissants were voluntarily recalled "due to undeclared fish" that was presumably accidentally added to the chicken salad mixture. The announcement explains that the recall is an attempt to ensure that anyone allergic to fish does not consume the product, as they could have a serious allergic reaction.

The affected 7.8-ounce sandwich packages were shipped on December 30 to Kroger locations in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina and have the code UPC 8 26766 15578 1. No other GHGA, LLC. products were affected by the recall, and there have been no reports of illnesses or injury by Kroger customers so far. The company urges anyone who has fish allergies or concerns about eating tuna salad to return the croissants for a refund, no receipts required.