Penn Station Says Happy New Year With Free Fries

The new year is thought to be a time of growth, change, improvement, and may even be considered a "reset." Often we hear of quirky and long-standing traditions that are meant to bring a brighter year ahead and shield people who believe in bad luck. For example, adding pomegranate and black-eyed peas to the New Year's Eve menu has been said to bring success, health, and happiness in the new year.

And while these new year practices may be annually adhered to by some and laughed off by others, most can agree, traditions that include companies offering new year freebies and promotions are always appreciated. In the past, places like Krispy Kreme, Shake Shack, and Applebee's have delighted fans with deals to help make their new year a bit brighter. The fast food sandwich spot, Penn Station East Coast Subs, is offering something pretty sweet this January, or perhaps we should say salty?

Take advantage of this limited time offer

According to QSR Magazine, Penn Station East Coast Subs is offering a "Happy New Year from our President" promotion. The fast-casual restaurant is giving its customers free French fries as a delightful new year treat. The franchise is revered for its sub sandwiches, grilled meats, and hand-squeezed lemonade, but per Craig Dunaway, president of Penn Station, "Our fresh-cut fries are a customer favorite, and this is a great way to thank customers for a great holiday season and kick off 2022."

The company doesn't just give back to its customers, according to the Penn Station website, since 2014 the company has been "fully funding the National Down Syndrome Adoption." Not only that, but they also do an annual recognition and gifting to a superior student-athlete, which may include a scholarship, and they participate in a Random Acts of Kindness program. 

Compared to these generous acts, the new year promotion seems like small fries, and that's exactly what you'll get with the purchase of any Penn Station East Coast Subs sandwich. If you want to take advantage of this new year promo, you must act quickly! The offer is only available through January 10th.