Consider Doing This Instead Of Throwing Out Your Leftover Wine

It's always better to have too much wine than not enough, except in the case of leftovers. Whether someone didn't have their fair share of bubbly or only had one glass with dinner when you expected them to have three, now it's your problem. People often overestimate themselves at a party and open one too many bottles, but luckily, there are many uses for leftover wine.

If you still want to drink it, but switch up the flavor a bit, VinePair recommends turning the excess wine into sangria or using it in a wine-based cocktail. If you maybe had too much wine and are taking the rest of the week off from drinking, they also recommend freezing leftover wine in ice cube trays to add to soups or stews. When we think of cooking with wine, savory dishes like mussels or Julia Child's famous beef bourguignon may come to mind first, but wine can also be used to enhance sweet dishes.

Make a wine-infused jam

Wine-infused jam combines the best elements of a charcuterie board happy hour and we are here for it. Plus, a peanut butter and wine-infused jam sandwich sounds so unnecessarily boujee and nostalgic all at once. Adding wine to jam may sound a bit extra, but if you think about wine's humble beginnings as grapes, it makes perfect sense. Plus, according to My Recipes, jam is already a vehicle for potential food waste like ugly or mushy fruits, so why not toss that unconsumed adult fruit juice in there as well?

To start on your wine jam journey, My Recipes recommends pairing red wines with red fruits, white wines with pale fruits like peaches, and rose and sparkling wine can be all-purpose. Their versatile recipe is a simple combination of 1 part wine, 2 parts sugar, and 2 parts fruit by volume (via My Recipes). When you're starting to feel confident in your wine jam skills, try out this slightly more complex fig jam from Wine Enthusiast that features leftover Moscato. Regardless of the flavor of your wine-infused jam, the booze-fueled condiment is sure to make a splash wherever you deploy it.