The Bizarre Way Gordon Ramsay Crashed His Daughter's Date

Can you imagine trying to date Gordon Ramsay's daughter? Dealing with dad is definitely an intimidating notion for any prospective boyfriend navigating the dating landscape, but Gordon Ramsay? The celebrity chef, famous for his fiery temper and terrifying tongue-lashings, has certainly racked up an impressive list of people who are fine with staying far away from him. TV personalities can avoid the maverick chef, but that's not so easy for someone who wants to date one of his daughters.

As a dad, Gordon Ramsay is no pushover (go figure). He and his wife Tana are rather strict, according to Hello Magazine. They don't allow swearing in their house, insist that their kids eat healthy foods, and limit their screen time. They don't even let them fly in first class with them when they travel! Their efforts to instill a good work ethic in their children seem to be successful — as the Daily Record notes, the four eldest Ramsays are all gainfully employed. Tilly, the second youngest Ramsay, has even published her own cookbook. But as Gordon's recent behavior shows, the chef may be uniquely controlling when it comes to his kids' romantic pursuits.

An unexpected third wheel

Tilly Ramsay unwittingly had a hand in her dad scaring the bejeezus out of eldest daughter Megan's date recently, as she apparently gave her dad the lad's phone number. Yikes. While appearing on the "Kelly Clarkson Show" on Thursday, Gordon Ramsay parlayed a story about how he decided to "drop in" on his daughter's date. 

According to Today, Megan Ramsay, who graduated from Oxford with a degree in philosophy and works for a PR firm, per The Sun, went to dinner with her ex-boyfriend — who might not still be an 'ex', much to this protective parent's chagrin. Gordon described the boyfriend, Byron, as "a little bit wet" and "just a little bit pathetic." Ramsay convinced Tilly to share Byron's phone number with him, you know, just in case.

While Byron and Megan were on a dinner date, Ramsay decided to FaceTime his daughter's suitor. By Ramsay's account, the phone was shaking as Ramsay tried to chat up the poor guy. Megan wasn't having it, and quickly disconnected the call, according to Gordon, who laughingly said he was "just in the middle of having a proper chat." Having your date interrupted by a dad like Gordon Ramsay doesn't sound fun, but if he can weather the scrutiny of the scariest of TV chefs, Byron could just be a keeper.