Jimmy John's Fans Won't Want To Miss This BOGO 50% Off Deal

Whether you're a fast-food fanatic or strictly reserve the drive-thru for the occasions when your refrigerator is completely bare, you probably have a go-to meal that you order every single time you visit your favorite chain. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, though, as it is the beginning of a new year, you may also be reflecting on your life and looking for ways to break out of your usual routine. Trying something new from your beloved fast food joint is one small way to shake things up that Life Hack says can actually have some major benefits, like instilling a sense of accomplishment and delight, and even making you more interesting. At the same time, however, straying away from your usual can be a little nerve-racking, as you could ultimately end up wasting money on a new-to-you menu item that is less than ideal.

Fortunately, for fans of the popular sub shop Jimmy John's, there is a great deal going on that will help take some of the risk out of breaking up the everyday monotony in life by trying something new from the chain's vast menu of delicious sandwiches. Per Brand Eating, the freaky fast eatery is currently running a buy one, get one 50% off promotion on the regular and giant-sized subs, giving you the opportunity to get both your usual order and something you've never had before at a fraction of the price. 

Order online or through the Jimmy John's app to score this deal

Jimmy John's buy one, get one 50% deal sounds perfect for sandwich lovers looking to spice up their lives by trying a new combination of meats, cheeses, and veggies, or for hungry foodies that are simply looking to score a good meal at a great price. Per Brand Eating, those wishing to take part in this promotion just need to place their order via the restaurant's website or mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices. After picking out your duo of regular or giant-sized subs (sorry, no Little John's included), use the promo code "SAVEON2" at checkout to take 50% off the cost of the lowest-priced sub of the two. Perhaps you can take the opportunity to sign up for the eatery's Freaky Fast Rewards program as well, which will score you another coupon for a free sub after you place your first order (via Jimmy John's website).

The chain's BOGO 50% deal is available now through February 14 and can be used more than once, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to branch out and try something new from the Jimmy John's menu, like the fan-favorite Italian Night Club, while still getting your tried-and-true order as a backup meal. And when you do place your order, do it with confidence and pride that you've kicked off the new year by venturing out of your comfort zone while saving some money at the same time.