These 2 Foods Are Miracles, According To Ted Allen

The world of food is full of miracles, from transcendent dishes that transport you when you taste them to ingredients that support your health. For example, a delicious homemade sauce will change your opinion on pasta miraculously, and eating more zucchini can provide you with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients your body needs (via Food Revolution). The grain amaranth may help those who have high blood pressure due to its magnesium content (via Eat This, Not That).

And while those are miracles in their own right, some foods fall into the category simply because of the happiness their flavor fosters. Duff Goldman highlighted one such food recently on Twitter, raving about the 2022 Potato Expo and expressing his regret for not having attended — and it seems he may not be the only one bummed that they missed the event. Ted Allen, host of Food Network's "Chopped," weighed in, and he also seems to believe the potato is a game-changer.

Ted Allen praised eggs and potatoes

While eggs and potatoes aren't necessarily always served together, Ted Allen believes they are each amazing ingredients on their own. In response to the post from Duff Goldman about the potato-themed event he did not get to attend, Allen echoed Goldman's sentiment of regret and posted his Twitter reply, "The potato is a miracle product — as much a miracle as are eggs."

Not only are potatoes delicious almost any way you cook them, but Irish Central explains that potatoes have high levels of vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6, and are free of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. On the egg side, Salud America explains that the food has low amounts of saturated fat, as well as high levels of phosphorous and vitamins D and K. So all in all, these foods really do seem to be miracles for both the body and the tastebuds. Bottoms up!