Alex Guarnaschelli Has Twitter Fired Up Over Her Bond Hot Take

Alex Guarnaschelli's new show, "Alex vs America" involves good-natured culinary battles, so to speak. But the celebrity chef seems intent on using her Twitter account to incite conflict, at least where the "Bond" franchise is concerned. Recently, Guarnaschelli took to Twitter to opine about her favorite 007 actor. "Daniel Craig is the best. Better than Connery. SEND," she commented, sharing a post that was in agreement with her. While most people can agree that Craig is pretty great, some rabid Connery lovers took offense to these fightin' words.

In response to the flurry of comments she received, the star chef added in another Tweet, "Respectfully speaking, if you think Connery was the best Bond, why speculate about how he could play it more like Craig did? There's no comparison," the chef pointed out, and added, "To each his/her/their own. That said, Craig is the best Bond." 

There's no shortage of people agreeing with Guarnaschelli, either. Twitter user Amela Hall wrote, "Agree! Daniel Craig as James Bond was the best!" And another fan, Millie Miller, concurred, noting that Craig is a "more modern Bond, and those blue eyes!" Still, the chef's comments left the Twitterverse, "shaken, not stirred."

Fan reactions were mixed to Alex Guarnaschelli's 007 opinions

Alex Guarnaschelli's Tweets both stirred and whipped people up into a "Bond"-related frenzy. Nine different actors have played the role of James Bond since the franchise began in 1962. Sean Connery launched the role, and Daniel Craig has played the most recent incarnation from 2006 to present day, with Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, and others stepping in the role too (per Insider). With this many people playing Bond, there's obviously going to be strong opinions shooting off in all directions. 

Despite the many commenters who supported Guarnaschelli's opinion, others aren't going down without a fight. Twitter user Steve Tallant claimed that Connery could have played the role of James Bond more like Craig, "But there is no way Craig could have pulled off the version of Bond that Connery did." However, he does find some solace in the disagreement, and said, "We can both find the common ground that it wasn't Roger Moore."

Some think it has less to do with acting ability, and more to do with how the role evolved over time. Another follower noted that the direction with Craig's version of the character, "was to create a more vulnerable, less than perfect persona." Therefore, he claims, it's "a better fit for any good actor to show their range."

Whatever the personal opinion may be, perhaps Bond himself said it best in 2015's "Spectre" (per Movie Quotes and More) – "Well, it's all a matter of perspective."