This Dining Service Lets You Eat From A Floating Table

Some people love to make things as sensational as possible. From motorcycle-riding daredevils jumping through rings of fire to marriage proposals in the middle of a crowded restaurant, many of us simply have an insatiable appetite for thrills, surprises, and adrenaline. Sitting down to an exquisite dinner with close family and friends for an evening of laughter and good times sounds like it would be a relaxing time for anyone — unless you and your family were seated high above the Grand Canyon with nothing but your dining chair separating you from a steep drop back to Earth. This is the wild idea one Belgian-based communications agency and an amusement park installation company have in mind.

Described by Forbes as one of the world's most unusual restaurants, Dinner in the Sky wines and dines guests 150 feet in the air, seated at a dining table suspended by a crane. Beneath a glittering canopy and a bunch of high-tension cables, guests are served extravagant meals prepared by gourmet chefs, all while overlooking fantastic places like the Las Vegas Strip, Copacabana beaches, and the St. Lawrence River from a bird's-eye view. But you may wonder: "Is this something that's as fantastic as they say or are you better off keeping your feet on the ground?"

You can do business and get married safely in the sky

Naturally, you may be asking: "Is this safe?" Via the company's website, Dinner in the Sky fortunately claims that their events are designed meticulously with European Ride Standards and the TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Association). Guests are buckled into their seats as if they were riding a conventional amusement park ride, preventing anyone from making a sudden, unfortunate exit from the party. A video of a Dinner in the Sky event collapsing in Saudi Arabia did go viral in 2016, but this was strongly denied by the company, who claimed the footage had been doctored and that no such accident had ever occurred in 10 years of operation (via Gulf Daily News).

Dinner in the Sky also specializes not just in dining events, but in weddings and business meetings as well. According to AzureAzure, there are three options for your Dinner in the Sky event. Business in the Sky allows you to host high-end business meetings, Gastronomy in the Sky offers wine tastings and cooking workshops, and Entertainment in the Sky allows guests to watch sports or Formula 1 races from their own exclusive VIP box. There are even holiday events like Santa in the Sky and options to host a wedding ceremony. Although the prices may be a bit high, starting at $150 to $300 a person depending on where you are, it's safe to say that it's an experience designed to leave you feeling sky high.