Reddit Is Trolling This Costco Mayonnaise Sample

Ask any Costco fan what the best part about shopping at the big box retailer is, and chances are there will be some mention of the wide assortment of free samples given out around the store. Just like indulging in a $1.50 hot dog combo from the chain's famous food court, munching on those bite-sized morsels of food as you browse the various aisles is a key part of the Costco shopping experience, which is why so many people were saddened by their pandemic-induced suspension in March 2020.

Fortunately, the move was only temporary, as CNN reports that the company ended its 14-month free sample hiatus in June 2021, meaning you once again have the opportunity to score a free lunch as you fill up your cart. That being said, just because Costco can dole out one of its products in tasting size doesn't mean it should – and recently, one Redditor took note of a free sample offered at their local store that may have been better off being kept in the jar.

"Sample at my local Costco today was literally a cup full of mayonnaise," Reddit user u/st4sh1ne posted to the wholesaler's subreddit on January 4. The Redditor also shared a photo of the sample station in question where, sure enough, an employee had a tray full of small, clear condiment cups filled with dollops of Primal Kitchen's Avocado Oil Mayo that came complete with a plastic spoon for customers to try.

Most Costco shoppers would skip this free sample

When it comes to condiments, a survey conducted by Quartz in 2020 found mayonnaise to be America's favorite, according to People. However, just because mayo makes an excellent sandwich topping (and pairs well with fries) doesn't mean we'd be willing to ingest the creamy sauce by the spoonful. We don't seem to be alone in that sentiment, either, as evidenced by the comments section on Redditor u/st4sh1ne's post.

"I like mayo but gross," one person commented. "What a horror show," said another, while a third said that the sight was "disgusting and hilarious." Meanwhile, others couldn't help but take the opportunity to troll. "Can't tell if you're bragging or complaining," u/mydogsnameisbuddy commented. "Giddy, I'll take twenty!" quipped another user in what we can only assume was jest.

Some shared that their own Costcos also offered customers free samples of mayonnaise, though they opted to mix it in with chicken salad or tuna fish (which, if you ask us, sounds like a much better method). Yet still, one Redditor was able to find a purpose behind u/st4sh1ne's store's choice to sample the mayo on its own. "It really sucks to buy 2 liters of sauce and then go home and it's awful. I'd try it; maybe not a full cup," u/MrTickles22 pointed out. Touché.