Costco Shoppers Can't Wait To Try This Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Costco has just made it easier for those participating in Veganuary. They now stock Cado's dairy-free frozen dessert – or ice cream. "@cadoicecream deep dark chocolate is definitely one of the best non-dairy ice creams I've tried!" Costco Buys gushed in a highlighting post on Instagram. "It's gluten-free & vegan, and is made with fresh avocados!" For $13.99, you can buy a box of four one-pint tubs of this treat from that location, though as the Costco website notes, prices may fluctuate and differ across outlets.

As of writing, that price has not dissuaded 1,397 people from leaving likes. Moreover, excitement filled the comments section. "I need a review on these asap!!!" one person wrote. A review given by another commenter read, "This stuff is amazing! I have tried every dairy free ice cream on the market and this is insanely good!" Another raving goes "I actually prefer this to regular ice cream SO GOOD!!!!!" So, if your dairy-free resolution is being tested by the creamy textures of chocolate ice cream, Costco may be the destination you need.

Cado shines during the rise of vegan ice cream

Refinery29 profiled Cado back in 2018. Even then, though, the piece notes "Though making ice cream out of the creamiest fruit around should be a no-brainer, the innovative idea for Cado is unlike anything we've seen before." Millennial stereotypes aside, avocados are a natural choice to use as the basis of an ice cream replica. They're fatty. They're creamy. They're more nutritious. However, these attempts are only getting the spotlight, no small part thanks to the vegan surge inspired by the pandemic (per Plant Based News).  

Vegan alternatives to ice cream are having a bit of a moment now. On January 3, VegNews reported that Cold Stone Creamery will begin to offer an almond milk ice cream made by Silk. This is their first plant-based flavor. Some might wonder why it took so long for such alternatives to emerge. After all, we've known for over a decade that many people can't actually digest lactose (per ABC News). Now, though, the belated attention has found a ready swathe of products. The only issue left is seeing whether Costco does in fact offer the best deal