Reddit Is Loving This Starbucks Fan's YAH Mug Collection

There's a lot to be said about Starbucks. Fans who swear by the global coffee chain have a love for Starbucks that goes far beyond its coffees. Waiting for the PSL season or the festive red cups to come, hunting for secret menu items, or seeing just how far a Starbucks order can be pushed — these are only mild indications of the devotion that Starbucks fans have to the company.

For seasoned fans, coffee is one thing. But it's the collectible mugs where the gold is. These fans will know that Starbucks has a whole range of collectible mugs. From "You Are Here" (YAH) Disneyland mugs with colorful doodles of various Disney theme parks, to YAH mugs with landmarks of cities and countries from the world, Starbucks has several hundred cups that are meant to be a bought from an outlet in a city that you're visiting as a memoir of your travels (via Starbucks Mugs).

Eater reports that some fans are pretty darn serious about Starbucks collectible mugs. Several Facebook groups and Instagram accounts are dedicated to fans being able to swap their mugs with one another and fill in missing mugs in their collection. In fact, the site reports that a Corfu city mug sold for a whopping $1875 on Ebay in 2021. Needless to say, showing off one's YAH collection is a matter of great pride. So, when a Starbucks fan showed off their Starbucks mug collection on Reddit, fellow fans were all for it!

Some fans miss the older YAH mug collection

The Starbucks fan shared a picture of their YAH mug collection with fans on Reddit. Part of the collection were all sorts of mugs from cities in the U.S., Disney theme parks, and mugs from the International collection with prints of other countries. "This gives me serotonin," wrote one happy user while another said that the fan had some pretty cool mugs from European cities and countries in their collection.

One Redditor noticed that a Miami mug was missing from the collection and offered to give them intel as to how to get one. However, while some collectors get their mugs from mug exchanges, Etsy deals, or through Amazon, this fan said that they only buy mugs from the places that they have actually visited. Some Redditors are also admitting that they like this older YAH collection way more than the newer ones that Starbucks has since released: "I love the look of the YAH series. Such good designs. I wish Starbucks would bring it back instead of the current messy looking ones." Others also agreed that the designs of landmarks on newer collections look way more cluttered and don't compare to the designs of previous versions. This only makes the fan's handpicked collection of mugs from the older YAH series even more valuable!