Valerie Bertinelli Just Gave A Strong Take On Food Cravings

It can be difficult to imagine an actress and culinary star like Valerie Bertinelli having to deal with bullying. Unfortunately, it has happened on social media, and occasionally, it has been of the body-shaming variety. When it has happened, Bertinelli's feelings have been hurt, as she was brave enough to share in an emotional message on Instagram in July 2021. Many celebrated her candidness and courage then, as they are now that Bertinelli has taken to Twitter to deliver a #truthbomb about food cravings, care of her friend, Helen Rosner.

Rosner, a food writer and James Beard Award recipient (via The New Yorker), tweeted an observation about what it's like to deal with food cravings. She wrote, "You are struggling because it is HARD to willfully deny yourself joy, nourishment, ease, and comfort due to some misguided terror that everyone will stop loving you if your body changes even a little" (via Twitter). Bertinelli picked up on the tweet's brilliance almost immediately, quote-tweeting it to all of her followers along with her own very strong take on food cravings.

Valerie Bertinelli agrees with Helen Rosner's message

In response to food writer Helen Rosner's poignant tweet that looked at food cravings through a most empathic lens, Food Network regular Valerie Bertinelli offered quite a moving message of her own (via Twitter). Quoting and referencing Rosner's tweet about food cravings, Bertinelli posted enthusiastically, "Yes. This! Thank you, Hels. It became ingrained in me at a young age that weight gain meant unlovable. That is a lie. It's taken decades to overcome (and frankly it's sometimes tenuous) but it is still a lie."

Bertinelli's followers have been utterly bowled over by the wisdom and truth, with some of them already retweeting and quote-tweeting it along with inspiring messages like, "Yes Valerie! Teach the world!" and "Exactly!! Well said!!" One fan wrote, "I'm not going to hate being me! You are beautiful." Bertinelli's post has already gained more than 800 likes.