The Fast-Food Item This 106-Year-Old Woman Credits For Her Longevity

You could say that the older someone is, the more savage and hilarious their sense of humor becomes. Of course, that quick wit could be credited to many years' worth of wisdom and experience. So when you ask seniors over the age of 100 what the secret to their longevity is, it should come as no surprise that the answers are anything but straight (and often involve rather amusing confessions).

When 102-year-old Pauline Spagnola was asked for the secret to her long and healthy life, "lots of booze" was her reply (via Elle). Meanwhile, 109-year-old Jessie Gallan attributed her longevity to a diet of porridge and no men, and 116-year-old Besse Cooper credited a lack of unhealthy food and minding her own business for her golden age. 122-year-old Jeanne Louise Calment enjoyed port wine with her daily grub, smoked two cigarettes a day, and ate two pounds of chocolate a week, while 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt advised that the key was having four strips of bacon a day.

As for 106-year-old Dorothy Nedd of South Philadelphia, she credits her longevity to two things: her deep faith and her love for McDonald's flagship burger (via Fox29).

Big Macs are the secret

On her 106th birthday, Nedd told Fox29 that there were two secrets to her age: "Serving the Lord" and McDonald's Big Macs. Her granddaughter and carer Zulema Nedd admitted that sometimes, Nedd's faith and her love for the burger were very much intertwined. When she was younger, her grandma always took her to church. Church was often followed by a trip to McDonald's for her granddaughter — but also so that the 106-year-old could order a Big Mac for herself.

Nedd isn't the only one to credit her longevity to a generous serving of fast food. The late Helen Diekman once told the Daily Herald that she had reached 100 with the help of lunches at Portillo's three times a week. The Illinois resident regularly went to the restaurant chain and always ordered the same meal: fries, a Diet Coke, and a hot dog that had everything in it except hot peppers.

Who would have thought that burgers and hot dogs could be the key to living longer? We've always been taught to listen to our elders — but this sounds like some really fun advice to listen to!