46% Think This Brand Has The Best Olive Oil

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Of all the things to keep in your pantry, a quality bottle of olive oil is arguably one of the most versatile. You can use it for almost anything and everything you're cooking. Spritz it on a pan before sautéing veggies to prevent them from sticking. Drizzle it on top of pizza for added flavor and texture. Toss it in a salad with some balsamic vinegar for a light and tasty dressing. Mix it into roasted veggies to keep them juicy and moist. Use it as a base for a marinade for grilled chicken. Need we continue? There are plenty of possible benefits to adding olive oil to your diet, too. According to Everyday Health, it's a monounsaturated fat that's good for your heart and may help improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation, among other health boosts.

Americans use about 90 million tons of the stuff every year (via American Olive Oil Producers Association). But of all the popular olive oil brands, which one is most worth buying? To find out, Mashed polled more than 600 readers across the United States on their favorite one to bring home. Here's which well-known brand nearly half of people dubbed the best of the best.

People love Bertolli's olive oil the most

The next time you head to the grocery store, you might want to grab a bottle of Bertolli olive oil. According to Mashed's poll results, Bertolli is the best olive oil to bring home, with 46.42% of people selecting it as their top pick. The brand currently has 11 varieties of olive oil available on its site, including organic, extra virgin, and cooking olive oil. You can also choose from different flavor profiles, from extra light to bold, depending on how intensely aromatic you want your dish to be. 

Epicurious dubbed a few of Bertolli's oils the best for your budget, and the brand has received rave reviews from hundreds of customers. "Good flavor, odor, and high heat resistance," one Amazon shopper wrote. "When used in cold dishes (e.g., pasta, bean, or green salads) the flavor isn't overpowering like some oils and it blends nicely with other ingredients," they added.

So, how did the other popular olive oil brands compare to crowd-favorite Bertolli, which won by a landslide? Pompeian and California Olive Ranch tied for second place, with 14.82% and 14.33% of the votes, respectively. Newman's Own earned 8.31% of respondent votes, followed by Colavita with 7.33% and Filippo Berio nabbing 6.51%. Last place went to Lucini, which only 2.28% of people chose as their go-to olive oil.