The Inventors Of This Spoon Claim It Makes Food Taste Better

Spending $29 on a spoon may sound a bit extreme, but what if that spoon had scientific backing stating that it would make your food taste better?

This is exactly what SpoonTek promises in their product: Stimulating the tongue, which in turn, enhances flavor and reduces aftertaste, according to Restaurant Business Online.

Inventors and father-son pair Ken Davidov and Cameron Davidov created SpoonTek with the mission to give customers the "experience of a lifetime." They regard tasting food as one of the most important recurring events that happen in our lives. Therefore, they want to enhance this act with their novel product, the "smart spoon" (via SpoonTek). Cameron and Ken are both interested in how the human body interacts with food, and Cameron developed a way for low-sugar and low-sodium food items to taste better through the spoon.

If only this helpful tool existed when liver sausage pineapples were around!

How the 'smart spoon' operates

However, before you try using this device on broccoli or Brussels sprouts, be warned that SpoonTek's website notes that you should attempt to use this tool on moist items, such as yogurt, soup, or ice cream.

For the spoon to "work," the food must make contact with the electrode in the spoon's bowl, which solid foods might not make full contact with. Another tip that the inventors have is to moisten your finger when holding the spoon's handle so that your conductivity will be better when activating the "smart spoon."

All of these instructions might be confusing, but you can tell when the spoon is operating. When you are eating something out of the spoon, it will light up, signaling that it is working.

This device is the perfect gift for both picky eaters and major foodies. You can get it in three colors — black, beige, or gray — on SpoonTek's online store.