Sunny Anderson Is Begging Wendy's To Roast Her

On January 12, Wendy's celebrated its best annual holiday, National Roast Day. Basically, it's a day when the brand's Twitter account roasts anybody who literally asks for it. They then assembled all their jabs under one heading on Twitter for people to laugh at. Included in the rips this year were Cinnabon ("the worst part of a layover"), Mike's Hard Lemonade ("still the worst tasting yellow liquid"), and Axe Body Spray ("created to just cover up puberty"), among others. 

But one person seems to have missed out on the opportunity — and is oddly saddened by it. "I really wish I'd asked to be roasted by @Wendy's on National Roast Day," Sunny Anderson Tweeted, adding, "[But] they roast on the daily ... so maybe they'll oblige. If not ... I still like their new fries." As of writing, Wendy's has not decided to pick on the Food Network host — yet. But, going with her second best pick, Wendy's latest iteration of fries is not a bad idea. As CNN reported in August 2021, the new fried spuds have a teeny tiny piece of potato skin to enhance their flavor and a new battering method to eliminate any sogginess. So, it's not a bad consolation prize.

However, one of Anderson's followers had another idea and said they'd love to see her personally roast Bobby Flay. "It's called Beat Bobby Flay," Anderson wrote back, referencing the fact that she often appeared as a guest judge on the series and happily let Flay have it in her episodes. 

Twitter is just as much of a delicious Wendy's experience

Out of all fast food chains and even food brands in general, Wendy's is probably the best known for their Twitter presence. Their sassiness has been enjoyed for many years by this point and has given them quite a following. Entrepreneur even spotlighted the brand's brilliant social media team all the way back in 2017, calling them "amazing."

By 2019, Wendy's social media presence was being credited by Fast Company for helping with the company's six straight years of growth. As they said, such success required mastering their "epic social strategy." Kurt Kane, chief concept and marketing officer at Wendy's, also told Forbes, "We want to be likeable and sassy ... We don't want to be seen as sarcastic and rude. But we walk a fine line." 

Of course, measuring how much enjoyment people get out of Wendy's teasing McDonald's, for example, can be difficult to translate to sales and is perhaps not entirely possible. However, the fact that they are even able to have a National Roast Day is proof enough — and something many, like Sunny Anderson, look forward to every year.