Sunny Anderson Can't Get Enough Of This Fried Fish

We all have that one super comforting dish or meal that we can't get enough of. Comfort food has a way of transporting folks to another place (typically their happy place) with just one bite. A favorite meal will have anyone, young or old, dancing in their seat savoring every single chew. According to Magellan TV, comfort food is so beloved by people because eating it has psychological and physical benefits. 

The publication notes that when folks eat comfort food, the body releases dopamine and all the stress that was held within the body begins to melt away. Per The Upside, what counts as comfort food can differ from person to person: while one person might like potatoes and gravy, another could crave something like a hearty stew. For some, like the famed chef and TV personality Sunny Anderson, that meal comes in seafood form. In an Instagram post, the co-host of "The Kitchen" raved about some "expertly fried whiting" that she had from Mo Carry Out while on a trip to Richmond, Virginia. 

Anderson is in love with the fish at Mo Carry Out

In the post, Sunny Anderson went into detail as to why the fried whiting from Mo Carry Out was so "perfect." She said the fish was "crispy, seasoned properly, not greasy, clean oil fry, tender fish." The famed chef loved the fish so much that she visited the establishment two days in a row and noted that this was the place that everyone need to visit if they wanted to eat perfectly fried whiting. 

She also detailed how the offered side dishes — mac 'n' cheese, green beans, and rice — were also very good. Anderson also applauded the restaurant's stellar customer service. "[H]ey, guy at the register...if I had a business and needed someone to be the face of it I would pick are so enjoyable and I'm sure responsible for many return visits. Congrats and I wish you well...if I come in tomorrow...please talk me out of the fish, if you can," she said. The Food Network personality also gave fans a quick tip for ordering the fried whiting through a food delivery app. "They are also on Grubhub, if you order the fish for delivery tell them to vent the styrofoam so it doesn't steam," she added.