This DoorDash Skittles Order Has TikTok Divided

Did you ever think a single bag of Skittles would be the cause of social media chaos? Whether you think it sounds ridiculous or not, this is exactly what's happening on TikTok.

The account, @abdulfromthecut, has uploaded a video of a DoorDash delivery that left him exasperated with the human race. The order consisted of one packet of Skittles. And while the DoorDasher claims he's "not complaining," he shares his thoughts, using some choice words, that this is the type of behavior that may be causing global warming, and ends the rant with "Shaking my head."

As of now, the viral video had accrued over 177,000 likes and 1.2 million views, but the comment section is where the real tea is. More than 3,010 reactions thus far, including "Man just paid 15$ for a small bag of skittles probably," "Global warming caused by one skittle," and "We are paying for the convenience."

While many of the comments were on the lighter side, another group of people had some serious questions for the driver.

DoorDash drivers have been accused of being unprofessional in the past

Some people felt compelled to point out an issue with the delivery driver, rather than the customer. Reactions to the TikTok post include "Why are you opening their stuff no gloves," "Why you opening the bag my guy? You take French fries too right??," and "Maybe they had COVID and was just craving the sweets." While we can't confirm who made the one Skittles order, or why, a follow-up video to clarify the situation would certainly be ideal. Until then, TikTokers may remain divided in the trending DoorDasher vs. customer debacle.

There has been some previous controversy surrounding DoorDash, as sometimes the drivers are less than professional, and have even been accused of dipping into customers' orders. Yet, these delivery services still reign high in popularity, having surged during the pandemic, and per the Internet Economist, 42% of Americans say they will continue using the convenient services even in a post-pandemic era.

One small bag of Skittles may seem like a bizarre DoorDash request, but we never know what someone's personal circumstances are, and like one positive TikTok user mentioned, "I just look at it as everyone has Covid and is being responsible by staying in."