Trader Joe's Fans Are Struggling To Get Their Hands On This Pizza Bread Cheese

In the supermarket ecosystem, the point of store-centric social media accounts is to drum up excitement for new finds. However, it can go too far and leave people stuck with a desire they cannot fill. This has happened to a few over the past day or two due to the popularity of Trader Joe's Pizza Bread Cheese. Trader Joe's List highlighted it yesterday as their favorite item. As of writing, 4,016 people expressed their excitement by leaving likes. Others have been leaving comments to the effect of "Cannot wait to try" or "Gotta try this!!"

However, quite a few people registered disappointment. They could not find the fabled cheese in their local Trader Joe's. "This looks good – no Unexpected cheddar at my store for two visits!" one lamented. Another growled, "Ughhh it's not in NYC yet." Nor was this issue only found on this post. On a video uploaded to TikTok by Trader Joe's Food Reviews, another disappointed customer said that their store had didn't have the item in stock. What's really striking about this is it has been less than 10 days since the food began appearing on shelves in Trader Joe's.

What is Pizza Bread Cheese?

At some point, Pizza Bread Cheese will hopefully be available to all. After all, why would a company deprive consumers of desired cheese? The real question is what is Pizza Bread Cheese even. Well, Pizza Bread Cheese seems to be Trader Joe's take on Juustoleipä or Halloumi.

Juustoleipä, as Culture Cheese Magazine explains, is a Finnish cheese that was first made from reindeer milk and is known for looking a bit like a loaf of browned bread. In fact, its name translates to "bread cheese." What makes the cheese remarkable is that you can grill it without the cheese melting. Instead, the consistency changes from somewhat "springy" to "silky" and "creamy." Halloumi is another grillable cheese that comes from Cyprus and is made from sheep or goat milk. Halloumi goes through the same consistency as Juustoleipä changes when cooked.

As for the pizza part of the equation, Food52 suggests that the difference is due to the presence of tomato flavoring, basil, and red peppers. When giving their thoughts on the Pizza Bread Cheese, TikTok user Trader Joe's Food Reviews declared, "When I tell you it tastes exactly like pizza, I am not lying. This stuff is delicious." No wonder it is so popular.