Gordon Ramsay's Masterclass Post Has Fans Disagreeing Over This Steak

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has many achievements: He's a well-known TV personality with popular restaurants in different parts of the world and has a legion of fans who respect and admire his work. It helps that the chef is very active on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram with millions of followers who stay connected with his latest updates.

Even someone like Gordon Ramsay doesn't always get it right, though. In July 2021, he got into trouble after he spoke about his take on a Puerto Rican dish that he called "pegao" which isn't actually a real dish. People reckon that it was most likely another dish called arroz mamposteao and is prepared using seasoned chicken, garlic, onions, sausage, fried eggs, and rice (via Complex). Viewers were understandably not happy with Ramsay and the fact that he didn't attempt to fact-check before filming the YouTube video.

These days, the chef is getting a lot of flak for a video on Instagram that Ramsay refers to as a steak "masterclass." Viewers aren't too sure about the cooking process and have conflicting opinions on the video clip.

Viewers are divided

Basically, Gordon Ramsay posted a video clip of someone preparing steak without revealing the identity of the cook on Instagram and wrote, "Now that's how it's done! Learn how to take your steak dinner to the next level with a masterclass over at @gordonramsayacademy!!" Some folks were impressed with what they saw and complimented Ramsay. Chef and cookbook author Chris Baber said, "Looks next level" while BBQ host and cook Jack Arnold wrote, "Let's goooooo!!!"

However, one of the most-liked comments was critical and simply read "It's not seared well." Another Instagram user agreed with this and wrote, "That's what I was thinking. I've seen him throw steaks that look like that to the wall." To some viewers, it seemed like the steak was not seared properly on both sides before the butter was added to the pan. Someone else disagreed and wrote that both sides were probably seared and "it's not the hardest of Sears but it's also not a thicker cut." They added, "The temp looks correct and he did sear it, so think people are being a bit too quick to jump here."

One user also had a problem with the fact that salt was added to the steak before cooking it because they think that "it just draws out all the moisture." A viewer did give Ramsay the benefit of doubt and said, "Interesting technique. Even though the plate is a little bit crowded I think it still looks very delicious."