Instagram Is Loving Marcus Samuelsson's Birthday Shoutout To Michelle Obama

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson has previously prepared dishes for former President Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle, and it was an honor that he didn't take lightly at all. He once told She Knows, "I've been lucky enough to cook for the Obamas, which was a great privilege ... I'd probably go back and cook for Michelle Obama again." He said that he'd pick a dish like seared scallops with bitter greens and some cherries "that are also infused with the Pure Leaf hibiscus cherry flavor iced tea." He also mentioned that Michelle Obama is someone who genuinely appreciates "great flavors."

He later told Hollywood Life that whenever he's had the opportunity to cook at the White House, he's made an effort to come up with meals that fit the situation. He explained, "Just like 'Top Chef,' you want to have a theme. One time I cooked out of her garden at The White House, for example, and always listen to what is the occasion. If she has a guest of honor who's a vegetarian, you want to do something that is vegetarian." When not cooking for them, Samuelsson might also serve up social media posts that fit special occasions like the Obamas' birthdays.

He's really fond of the Obamas

Marcus Samuelsson made it a point to wish Barrack Obama a happy birthday in August last year. Many fans may recall that when the Obamas hosted a state dinner for the first time, they requested Samuelsson to cook dishes for the big event (via Eater). The celebrity chef recalled that event in his birthday message on Twitter: "Happy 60th birthday, @BarackObama! It was the honor of a lifetime to be the chef for our first official state dinner and hope I get a chance to cook you a proper birthday dinner soon!"

The chef has now posted a sweet birthday message for Michelle Obama on Instagram. He included a throwback photo with the two of them smiling together and wrote, "Happy birthday to the incredible @MichelleObama!" A number of Samuelsson's followers were delighted with this tribute. Someone said that they love the photo while another fan wrote, "Beautiful people. Happiest Birthday @michelleobama." Someone else called Michelle Obama the "Forever First Lady!" while another fan said, "Beloved memories cherished."