Instagram Is In Awe Of Bobby Flay's Pantry Organization

Many people who love to cook have probably had to navigate a pantry stuffed with spices, kitchen essentials, appliances, and more. House Beautiful has some tips for anyone looking to revamp this storage space, including turning shelves into drawers, using a pegboard, and installing drawer separators. While this advice can help anyone looking to reorganize their pantry, Bobby Flay has a way of dealing with this space that can make a lot of folks jealous.

Instagrammer @misfitsmarket posted a video of Flay giving a walkthrough of his personal pantry. The video came with a caption that reads in part, "Chef-in-residence Bobby Flay (@bobbyflay) knows a thing or two about a well-stocked pantry. In his own, he has all of the obvious must-haves like Italian pastas, hot sauces, and more mustards than we can count on one hand. But there are some surprising favorites in there, too. Think: curry paste, canned tomatoes, and a basic can of chickpeas that help craft easy weeknight dinners in minutes. ... let us know in the comments how your pantry measures up!" While Flay walks through his pantry, viewers can see he has jars of labeled flours, rows of neatly-arranged bottles, designated sauce areas, and so much more.

A pantry organizational system that has fans talking

Followers took note of how proper Flay's pantry looked. The post by @misfitsmarket received a ton of replies from impressed people. Among them were "Thanks for the fabulous tour!" and "All the basics... Very organized and so ready for the next meal." Multiple people responded with an enthusiastic "wow." One commenter simply exclaimed wanted to know about the spices and which ones are must-haves. Another happy viewer loved the glimpse into Flay's private pantry, writing, "This was excellent. We normal people love to see how the elite chefs live and cook. I need a pantry, wow!" 

Some found joy in comparing their pantries to Flay's, such as the person who replied, "I LOVED this! Yesterday my husband asked me why I stock so many tins of anchovies – Lol! I am beaming knowing my pantry is very similar to my favorite chef's, Bobby Flay!!" The Instagram account of Nacho, Flay's cat, also responded, saying, "I'd love to give the world a tour of my pantry too, sneak peek here in this video." Only time can tell if Nacho's cat food pantry looks as clean as Flay's, but with any luck, the world can hopefully take another glimpse into Flay's private world soon.