How To Upgrade Your Pasta With Chicken Broth Instantly

Chicken broth is one of those pantry staples that you should always have on hand. It's the perfect base for soup, great for use in a chicken dish, and of course, it can be frozen, which is always a plus. For those who want to make the broth at home, it is actually quite simple. The two key ingredients include chicken pieces, such as legs and wings, and boiling water. 

Most people know this food as, well, a broth. It's a great way to make homemade soup, and since it's already packed with flavor, you don't have to add much to get that perfect base. However, it has a few other well-known uses. The Spruce Eats recommends using broth or stock for braising meats in the oven or even as a glaze for vegetables.

However, there could be another use for chicken broth that you've never tried; it involves a new way to cook your pasta.

Cook your pasta in chicken broth

If you haven't tried cooking your pasta in chicken broth, then you're missing out on a salty, flavorful dish that requires almost no additional effort compared to traditional boiled water. According to The Takeout, cooking the pasta in a broth creates a comforting and easy meal that is loaded with flavor. Since the broth takes the place of boiling salted water, you're infusing its flavor into the noodles as they cook.

The Takeout mentioned that tortellini is the most common way to combine broth with pasta, possibly because there is even more added flavor in its filling. But you can use whatever pasta you want — anything you have in your pantry will work.

Perhaps the best part of this dish is that there is no draining involved. It presents itself as more of a soup since you consume the pasta and broth together. Pasta in broth is a somewhat common dish, though, to some, it's a little-known hack that can create a quick but delicious meal.