Hungry Howie's Fans Won't Want To Miss These Limited-Time Flatbreads

Over the course of its nearly 50-year existence, Hungry Howie's has become famous for its flavored crust pizza (via Hungry Howie's website). However, this year, Hungry Howie's has decided to branch out into something different. The popular pizza chain has just announced it will now be releasing new oven-baked flatbread pizzas across the country at participating Hungry Howie's locations, according to a press release published by Restaurant News.

While pizzas and flatbreads might be considered part of the same delicious family (since both are typically prepared with sauce, cheese, and a variety of toppings), there are a few key differences. A standard pizza is made with yeast, which rises and gives the crust its thicker, chewy texture. In contrast, flatbread crusts are typically prepared with unleavened dough, making for a thinner, crispier, yet still tasty carbs-and-cheese experience, according to Cooking Clarified. Now, Hungry Howie's fans won't have to choose between these two delicious options. However, these flatbreads will only be on the menu for a limited time, so fans won't want to wait to get their hands on this new release.

Hungry Howie's will add four signature flatbreads to its menu

Hungry Howie's will be featuring four exciting signature flatbread varieties on its menu: Buffalo Chicken, Asian Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and Chicken Bacon Ranch, for $8.99 each, per a press release published by Restaurant News. Jeff Rinke, vice president of research and development for Hungry Howie's Pizza, said of the new menu offerings, "We are ecstatic to introduce our new Flatbread Pizzas. As the originator of Flavored Crust pizza, we wanted to provide our fans with a lighter crust option that still packs the bold and delicious flavors we are known for. Hungry Howie's has long listened to what our fans want, and our latest menu innovation is indicative of this." 

However, even if none of those toppings happen to appeal to your taste buds, you can still enjoy a customized flatbread with toppings of your choice starting at just $7. Fans can also take advantage of the chain's exclusive Mix and Match deal, which allows customers to purchase any two, two-topping flatbread pizzas of their choice for just $6.99 apiece.