Pillsbury's New Cookie Dough Flavor Is A Cereal Lover's Delight

It may not be the most intuitive food combination, but cookies and cereal go together like cookies and milk. There's grocery store Cookie Crisp cereal, for example, as well as the homemade version — tiny chocolate chip cookies served in a bowl of milk — that went viral on social media in recent years (via Bustle). While those ideas transform cookies into cereal, other people have found ways to turn cereal into cookies, creating highly textured inventions like butterscotch cornflake cookies.

However, cereal-cookie mashups don't always have to be made from scratch. According to a press release sent to Mashed, Pillsbury just launched three limited-edition ready-to-bake cookie doughs for Valentine's Day. Two of the varieties are standard fare for the lover's holiday, featuring heart designs, while the third is meant for cereal fans. Meet Pillsbury's Lucky Charms cookie dough, which bypasses Valentine's Day in favor of  St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

This cookie dough is filled with Lucky Charms marshmallows

While Pillsbury's new Lucky Charms sugar cookie dough doesn't technically contain cereal, it does mix in the product's signature rainbow-hued marshmallows. Per the press announcement shared with Mashed, the cookie dough is already cut into a dozen large cookies, which are ready to be baked but can also be safely eaten raw. They're limited-edition and meant for the St. Patrick's Day holiday, so we assume they'll be around through mid-March. They can be found at grocery stores throughout the country now.

According to Pillsbury's website, the Lucky Charms cookies bake in under 20 minutes and can be frozen to be used later. This isn't the dessert brand's only cereal-inspired offering: It has also made a limited-edition Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie dough flavored with the warming spice. An Instagram photo by user @junkfoodonthego shows that the Lucky Charms cookie dough was available last year, and several commenters approved of its taste.