Oscar Meyer Just Launched This Bizarre Bologna-Inspired Face Mask

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As you are most likely aware, bologna is a highly versatile meat product. Not only is it super cheap and readily available, but it's also easy to crisp up for a fried bologna sandwich or even chop into small pieces for a not-so-virtuous bologna salad. There are countless ways to use this pink-hued sandwich meat, but Oscar Mayer wants everyone to know that bologna isn't only for foodstuffs.

The brand, known for its catchy bologna jingle, has been a deli staple in American households (and sandwiches) for decades. Bologna hasn't necessarily been in vogue in recent years, but Supermarket News reported last year that sales of the product (and those of processed sandwich meats in general) went up during the pandemic since people working and learning from home wanted to make quick lunches. But those statistics, of course, were about bologna for eating. What about bologna for skincare and beauty?

The masks do not appear to be bologna-scented

Bologna may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wellness for the new year — but then again, these past few years have thrown us for a loop in more ways than one. In a recent (and very goofy) promotion, Oscar Mayer launched a "bologna-inspired face mask" that looks uncannily like the true sandwich meat. In a Kraft Heinz press release, the brand said the sheet masks were made in partnership with Korean beauty and skincare company Seoul Mamas, which provides products for high-end clients like Neiman Marcus.

The hydrogel bologna masks have cut-outs for your nose, eyes, and mouth, and they're said to be anti-inflammatory and help with "hydration and moisture retention" and "skin elasticity." Oscar Mayer says the cheeky product is meant to be a lighthearted alternative to other "unattainable" New Year's self-care resolutions. The masks went on sale today for $5 on Amazon, though as of this writing, they're listed as unavailable.