This McDonald's Employee Fish Filet Joke Had TikTok Arguing

McDonald's certainly didn't achieve its immense success without some pretty spectacular products. Some of the greats are the giant Big Mac, delicious McFlurry, and humble — but irresistibly salty — fries.

However, even though it is undoubtedly a food icon, McDonald's Filet-O-Fish is frequently considered to be one of the Golden Arches' questionable food items. Evaluating the most popular McDonald's menu options, Mashed rates the Filet-O-Fish as the second worst, while Delish reports another survey that lists it as the least favorite.

Consisting of a burger bun filled with a crispy fish patty, half a slice of American cheese, and tartar sauce (via McDonald's), the Filet-O-Fish seems a straightforward meal to prepare — so simple it can be made in under 20 seconds, according to a satirical TikTok video. User @treyyuhhhh uploaded a clip that purports to show how McDonald's workers make the sandwich in a rush by rapidly cramming together its ingredients and sliding it out for delivery. Needless to say, TikTok users have some strong opinions about the method — and people who order the Filet-O-Fish.

TikTok debated whether Filet-O-Fish is an acceptable McDonald's order

The unappetizing video has seen TikTok viewers call out McDonald's Filet-O-Fish preparations, with one saying, "They don't put any love into making this" and others remarking that there is typically not enough cheese, sauce smeared over the box, and a bun stuck to the cardboard container. However, @treyyuhhhh clarifies that the video was actually intended as a joke, stating workers would be fired if they served such a rapidly constructed sandwich to a customer.

TikTok commentators also poured scorn over people who choose to purchase the sandwich, including one who proclaimed: "People who eat Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's can't be trusted." Another viewer labelled the sandwich an "unacceptable" choice, while one comment suggested that ordering the fishy treat is a crime. However, supporters of the meal have called it a "guilty pleasure" and recommended adding lettuce and pickles to make the menu item tastier.

Despite its controversial reputation, Filet-O-Fish remains a highly popular menu item for McDonald's. According to Mental Floss, the fried seafood achieves in excess of 300 million sales every year (with 25% of those being recorded during Lent when Catholics opt to avoid traditional meats on Fridays, reports USA Today).