Emily In Paris Fans Are Grossed Out By This Gabriel Wine Moment

The character of Gabriel on the hit Netflix series "Emily in Paris" is almost too good to be true — fidelity issues aside. Played by Frenchman Lucas Bravo (per IMDb), Gabriel is handsome, sophisticated, and sensitive, and a talented chef to boot. However, no one is perfect, and fans of the show were floored recently when an eagle-eyed viewer pointed out one pretty gross scene involving Gabriel in Season 2.

To be fair, the vast majority of "Emily in Paris" scenes featuring Gabriel are ultra-palatable. When he's not whipping up delectable concoctions in the kitchen, he's gazing at one or more characters with love in his eyes and speaking with an incredible accent. That's probably why Episode 4 of the latest season is so tough for many viewers. We're not used to seeing Gabriel as anything less than perfect — even his indiscretions are forgivable. Bravo himself has even lamented this reality, noting that he's "like, this objectified overnight thing," per CTV. Apparently, the idea that people judge his character for his body and looks makes him uncomfortable. Well, perhaps he'll be relieved to know that people are now judging the character for something totally different.

The gross moment involves a glass of wine

Whether you love Gabriel's character in "Emily In Paris," or think he's wishy-washy, it doesn't really matter anymore. What matters is that you can't unsee the moment we're referring to in Season 2, Episode 4. Per Mashable, at the 16:29 time stamp, Gabriel enters the art gallery where his on-and-off love interest Camille works. He approaches a waiter who is holding a tray of white wine glasses. Gabriel is understandably nervous, as the character is anticipating a difficult conversation with his former paramour. So, he picks a glass of the proffered wine and takes a nice, long swig. Then, he puts the glass back on the tray right next to the untouched ones. Cue germaphobes everywhere screaming in agony.

As Mashable points out, "The glass just sits there, a sleeper cell of tannins and someone else's spit," also noting that Gabriel isn't exactly oblivious to his misstep, noting he "mak[es] long, confusing eye contact with the unfazed server before wandering away."

Disturbing as this is, it behooves everyone to remember that "Emily in Paris" is a television show. The actor Lucas Bravo probably sipped from that same glass on multiple takes and lived to tell the tale. So really, the best we can all hope for is that people in real life try to avoid making the same faux pas. The next time you're at a fancy party, don't pull a Gabriel, okay?