Duff Goldman's Sweet Anniversary Post Is Couple Goals

Some couples are a slow burn. Perhaps they meet as friends, perhaps they date for a long time. Perhaps an extended engagement before deciding the time is right to tie the knot, and then a few years of wedded bliss before they start thinking about having kids. And then there's Duff and Johnna Goldman's marriage, which knocked out everything on that list in short order, with all the efficiency (and sweetness) you'd expect from a pastry chef.

Goldman, the Food Network star and owner of Charm City Cakes, reminded the social media world just how much has gone down since he met wife Johnna in 2016 (via People) with a three-year wedding anniversary Instagram post that featured her and their toddler, Josephine, in Topanga, California. "Happy anniversary muffin," the chef writes. "You're the best mommy in the whole world ... to Josephine and me! I [heart] you little muff." The sweet sentiments mark three years since the public declaration of the Goldmans' love for one another, and also the anniversary of something far more important: the meat cake that was featured at their wedding. "The meat cake actually did exist. 1.19.19," Johnna writes in an anniversary post of her own, with a photo of the three-tiered, mashed potato-frosted, meatball/meatloaf/shawarma creation, complete with bacon roses and a hot dog couple atop (via People). If the Goldmans are your couple goals, might want to start a list of cake goals, too.

A love so sweet it hurts your teeth for the Goldman family

You can feel the love emanating from behind the camera in the photo of Johnna Goldman and daughter, Josephine, in Duff Goldman's recent Instagram post. A glimpse of the beautiful everyday in the bleary, over-caffeinated life of new parents, Johnna is holding baby Josephine on her lap with a board book, as the toddler points to something that has piqued her interest off-screen. Her mother, in a flannel and messy bun, follows Josephine's finger; whether truly captivated by the object of the baby's curiosity, or feigning interest at yet another bird-sighting is anyone's guess. But the image is sweeter than any one of Goldman's cakes, as is the comment Johnna left for her husband underneath: "I love my family so much it huurrtttsss," she wrote, with the crying, heart-eyes, and heart emojis that seem to sum up most families' feelings towards one another.

"Miss you so much!" writes Nancy Fuller, a fellow baker and Food Network coworker, on Goldman's post. Another commenter awards the couple with an emoji trophy, writing "Y'all are the sweetest and thus made the sweetest baby." Speaking of which, that adorable baby turns one in February, according to People magazine, so get ready for more posts that will make your teeth ache with saccharin delight. As Goldman wrote on Instagram this time last year about Josephine's arrival: "I'm so in love I can't stand it. I have the two best ladies in the whole world."