Little Debbie Is Bringing Back These Fan-Favorite Valentine's Treats

There's no wrong way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Maybe a romantic candlelit dinner with your beau sounds like the perfect night, or maybe you like to take your chances with something a little more adventurous and out-of-the-box. Or perhaps you prefer a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. But no matter what, as long as you are doing something you love with the people you love, you're sure to have a great time on Valentine's Day. And if you happen to feel that a special sweet treat helps add a little extra goodness to your celebrations, then you might want to check out Little Debbie's new special-edition Valentine's Day snacks.

The popular snack cake brand has just announced it will be bringing back two of its crowd-pleasing Valentine's Day offerings. The "Be My Valentine's" Vanilla Snack Cakes and "Be My Valentine's" Iced Brownies will be returning for a limited time to help fans add some sweetness to the romantic holiday in 2022, according to Brand Eating.

Little Debbie's "Be My Valentine's" collection will be on sale for a limited time

This is hardly the first time Little Debbie has supplied fans with some extra holiday cheer. The brand is no stranger to releasing special edition snacks in honor of special occasions, like the popular Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream, which was introduced for the 2021 holiday season. In the fall, fans could get spooky with a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Roll or cute Brownie Pumpkin (via Little Debbie). And now, fans can surprise their loved ones with one — or both — of these sweet seasonal Valentine's Day treats.

The "Be My Valentine's" Vanilla Snack Cakes are cut into an adorable heart shape, filled with rich vanilla cream, and topped with pink frosting and a white icing drizzle for an extra sweet touch (via Brand Eating). Fans who love chocolate might prefer the heart-shaped "Be My Valentine's" Iced Brownies, which are crafted with gooey fudge, covered with red icing, and dotted with romantic, heart-shaped sprinkles. These exclusive, limited-time snack cakes are even sold in decorative red and pink seasonal boxes, which contain five individually wrapped two-packs of Iced Brownies or Vanilla Snack Cakes that are perfect for sharing, per Little Debbie. These seasonal treats will be sold for a limited time at participating retailers nationwide for a recommended retail price of just $2.19 per box, per Brand Eating.