Trader Joe's Heart-Shaped Macarons Are Back In Time For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means that every food item in sight is going to get a red, pink, and heart-shaped makeover. For anyone with a fondness for sweet treats, there's nothing better than chocolate on Valentine's Day. Instagram account @traderjoesobsessed reports that mushy V-Day cards have already appeared at Trader Joe's, the staple heart-shaped Belgian chocolates are back in full gear, and even jelly beans have been appropriately refashioned (via Instagram). For shoppers who crave something a little less sweet, the account found dark chocolate-covered, heart-shaped mini shortbread cookies.

Reddit has spotted another V-Day favorite back on Trader Joe's shelves — frozen macarons in the shape of little hearts. If the comments are any indication, Trader Joe's pink and white-colored heart-shaped macarons are immensely popular, and fans who missed out on the limited edition macarons last year are delighted to see them back at the supermarket!

The macarons are available in select Trader Joe's stores

Reddit is thrilled about Trader Joe's macarons. The comments on the post about them indicate just how excited fans are to get a package of the treat. One user said, "I was just prepping for a lazy Saturday morning on the couch but I guess I'm going to Trader Joe's now." Another hilarious admission came from a macaron fan, "these are delicious! I may or may not have been too impatient to wait for them to thaw and just it frozen." One fan even said that they would rank the macarons as one of the best Trader Joe's buys: "These are a top three TJ product for me after trying them this week. OMG good."

The box of eight macarons comes with two flavors of macarons: a raspberry crème flavor and another vanilla crème macaron with a strawberry center. The frozen macarons were sold for $4.99 last year, and they come with the same price tag this year as well. Per one Redditor, the heart-shaped macarons were found in Trader Joe's stores in the Northeast but are likely to roll out nationwide. For now, however, the poster said it might be best to call ahead and check with your Trader Joe's store.