The Real Reason Raw Eggs Are Generally Safe To Eat In Japan

You've probably heard that consuming raw or undercooked eggs poses a potentially serious danger to your health. That's because some eggs contain salmonella, and the only way to avoid its negative effects is to thoroughly cook the egg. A salmonella infection is a bacterial infection that can wreak havoc on the body. According to Mayo Clinic, it can cause diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps within 72 hours of consuming it. While most healthy people will make a recovery within a few days, others aren't so lucky. Sometimes, the salmonella symptoms can cause dehydration so severe that it leads to hospitalization.

The only way to be sure that no salmonella bacteria enter the body is to thoroughly cook foods to their required internal temperatures. These temperatures will vary depending on the type of food being consumed. However, Japan appears to be one country that can almost guarantee its consumers will not catch salmonella from eating raw eggs. It turns out that they have developed a high-tech way of neutralizing salmonella bacteria before it gets to the consumer.

Japan reportedly has a process to clean and check eggs

Those living in or visiting Japan might be able to breathe a sigh of relief if they typically consume raw or undercooked eggs. According to Kids Web Japan, Japan has a process to help curb the potential of putting any salmonella-ridden eggs on store shelves. Dubbed Japan's "super egg machine," the device actually has the ability to check inside of the egg to ensure that bloodspots are not present, using spectroscopic analysis. The machine also cleans the eggs without breaking their shells, dries them, and packages them so they are safe for human consumption. 

Reddit users started a thread about Japan's ability to provide clean eggs to consumers, though some caution that the process isn't foolproof. "A lot of people eat raw or undercooked eggs daily, so the safety of eating raw eggs is very important," one Reddit user wrote. "There are still cases of salmonella every year though." While it might not be impossible to get salmonella from eggs in Japan, it would seem that this "super egg machine" certainly helps mitigate the risk.