Aldi Shoppers Are Divided Over These String Cheese Bites

If you just can't get enough of cheese in all its forms, including sliced, string, and grilled, then Aldi might have the perfect product for you. Their new Savvy Snax String Cheese Bites, which are made with low-moisture, part-skim natural mozzarella, sound like a dream. Especially because this one-of-a-kind item adds an unconventional kick with the addition of grilled cheese flavoring, which makes it feel like your favorite string cheese snack and your favorite gooey, savory sandwich are rolled into one tasty bite.

Some fans couldn't wait to share their opinions of these cheese-on-cheese sack bites on social media. "You all know how much I love cheese! I thought these sounded interesting so I grabbed them! They are delicious and actually tasted like grilled cheese ... I was so shocked!!" fan account @aldi.mademedoit posted on Instagram. Many of their fellow followers were also delighted by this unconventional product. "My family loves these," one person replied, while another wrote, "Those sound so good!!" Fans who like to get creative with their snacks could even use these bites to craft some fun, crowd-pleasing recipes, such as wrapping the flavored bites into on-the-go roll-ups, or pairing them with charcuterie meat for a fancy appetizer, or even frying them with breadcrumbs to create an extra-flavorful mozzarella stick (via Homemade Recipes). Though not everyone is a fan it seems.

Some shoppers feel these string cheese bites have an unappealing flavor

It turns out not everyone is in love with this item. Some shoppers felt the grilled cheese flavoring actually took away from the snack with an overpowering smoky taste. "I didn't like them! Neither did my 1-year-old. They're too smoky in my opinion," one person said in response to @aldi.mademedoit's post. "Ummm, don't love them, which makes me sad," another follower agreed.

A few Aldi shoppers on Reddit were equally divided on these unique string cheese bites. One satisfied shopper posted a positive review of the item, but a fellow Redditor disagreed on the thread. "I wasn't a fan. Tasted like normal cheese up front and a burnt bread aftertaste," they said. Even if you happen to love the taste of grilled cheese as a sandwich, some people felt that the combination of bread and smoky flavoring simply did not complement this string cheese snack. 

However, others seemed to love the effect these flavor pairings had on this specialty treat. So it seems the only real way to tell which side of the debate you fall on is to give these bites a try for yourself.