Oreo's Newest Treats Are Perfect For Ice Cream Lovers

Since 1912, Oreo cookies have been setting the standard for chocolate and creme-filled cookie sandwiches. But while the original cookie may be popular on its own, fans still can't help but get creative with the classic snack, coming up with creations like Somewhat Simple's homemade Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches or a frozen no-bake Oreo cake (via Lil Luna). But now, Oreo is launching its own line of frozen desserts that fans can purchase and enjoy straight out of the freezer, no preparation required.

The popular brand has just announced a brand-new line of Oreo Frozen Treats. Oreo may have already mastered the art of the cookie sandwich, so it's decided to expand with innovative new offerings that combine the cookie's original creme-and-chocolate taste with a sweet frozen cream base, according to Food Sided

As Food & Wine points out, these frozen treats mark Oreo's first solo ice cream project. While the brand has previously collaborated with other ice cream brands to make sweet ice cream and cookie combos, these new products will be released entirely under the Oreo label, with a new ice cream specially designed to replicate the taste of the cookie's famous creme filling.

Oreo's new frozen treats include bars, cones, and sandwiches

This new line includes a variety of tasty new products, per a press release on PR Newswire. There's Oreo Bars, made with a frozen, creme-flavored base peppered with crushed pieces of Oreo cookies and dipped in a delicious Oreo wafer piece coating. The Oreo Cones feature the same creme-and-cookie filling, but packed into a crushed Oreo wafer-dipped ice cream cone, and the Oreo Sandwiches have that filling sandwiched between two giant Oreo cookies. Finally, Oreo Tubs simply contain either 48 or 14 ounces of the sweet frozen base and cookie pieces that fans can enjoy with a spoon straight out of the container.

"Created for our most loyal fans, we have perfected the Oreo Frozen Treats recipes to deliver the signature Oreo flavor in every bite," Justin Parnell, vice president of Oreo U.S., said in a press release. This new line of delicious frozen treats has already had a limited release, and is scheduled to hit the freezer aisles of grocery stores nationwide in March of 2022.