Alton Brown Just Shut Down An Internet Troll In The Most Hilarious Way

While Alton Brown has no qualms about gracing television screens across the country with his tips, advice, recipes, and science-backed culinary knowledge, he has a much more tempestuous relationship with the social media platform Twitter. Trolls seem to be a big part of the problem. Back in 2011, Brown even left Twitter entirely in response to a particularly egregious interaction, as per Eater. However,​​ Brown recently engaged with a Twitter user in a cheeky way, showing that he has no issue with getting a bit sassy. The user shared the simple yet cutting remark, "Not that anyone cares but I truly dislike Alton Brown more than Bobby Flay."

Brown spotted the tweet and decided to fire back by referencing the show "Beat Bobby Flay," in which the chef goes head-to-head against other culinary competitors. Brown quote-tweeted the troll and wrote, "Guys, I finally beat Bobby Flay!!!" Within mere hours, the cheeky retort had over 2,200 likes as well as 103 comments from fans who loved his way of handling the troll. After seeing the amount of engagement her random comment received, the original user commented on Brown's reply, "Well, I guess if you google yourself regularly and want to prove the point you can totally do that. Strange flex but woo?"

What fans had to say about Brown's clapback

While the original Twitter poster seemed a little perplexed that Brown would take the time to engage with their random negative comment, many of his fans couldn't get enough of his reply. "You're the best," one fan wrote, also inquiring when there would be new episodes of his beloved show "Good Eats" for viewers to enjoy. "You are the best thing that ever happened to food television along with Top Chef," another follower chimed in. Yet another confessed, "I call you my food boyfriend."

Many on Twitter also took issue with the troll's comparison of Flay and Brown, seeming to think that Brown had the upper hand in any comparison of the two culinary personalities. A few fans cited Flay's countertop-jumping antics as a reason they could never proclaim a Flay over Brown victory, no matter the parameters. It seemed that one Twitter user was a bit curious to see how Brown would stack up against other Food Network personalities as well. "Now if you could only win the race for mayor of Flavortown," the individual wrote, referencing larger-than-life Food Network personality Guy Fieri.