The Surprising Reason A Police Officer Delivered A DoorDash Order

It's never really a good sign when a police officer comes walking up to your door, leaving you to wonder what exactly you did wrong that warranted the surprise arrival on your doorstep. Did they see you run a red light on your way home? Did you have some kind of speeding ticket you never paid for? Did you ... wait a second, he's not reaching for his service weapon, he's reaching for a bag of food. That one you ordered about an hour ago off of DoorDash. After the officer hands you your meal and makes some small talk, he then gets back in his patrol car, leaving you to wonder, "What just happened?"

This was the case of one DoorDash customer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. According to ESPN KSOO, officer Sam Buhr pulled up to a woman's house — not with intent to arrest her, but to deliver her order of Arby's she placed using the mobile delivery service. Apparently, the original DoorDash driver had been arrested for outstanding warrants, so Buhr decided to serve up more than just justice to his community. The woman took it all in good humor and thanked the officer for going out of his way to bring her the food. As heartwarming as it is to see members of the community assisting each other in these trying times, the truth is this isn't the only time something like this ever happened.

Officers sometimes take on the role of delivery driver

Reddit had a lot to say about the police officer who made sure to get a Sioux Falls resident her Arby's order after a DoorDash driver could no longer complete the mission. As one person said, "Oh wow that awesome," and another commented, "It was cool to see an officer going out of his was in a small way to serve his community." And a third added, "Probably a nice change for the officer compared to the serious stuff they typically deal with."

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a DoorDash order was delivered by someone other than the intended driver. On July 21 of last year, after a DoorDasher was arrested for unknown reasons, an Arkansas police officer delivered an order to a Jonesboro resident (via 5 News Online). And, in California, after a pizza delivery driver was arrested, that officer too delivered the pizza to the awaiting recipient, all without asking for a tip (via FOX News).

It's not just law enforcement that become impromptu delivery drivers. In West Henrietta, New York, firefighters delivered a pizza following a crash that left the original driver unable to complete the delivery — fortunately, both the driver and the pie were none the worse for wear (via New York Post). These good deeds do not go unnoticed by the public either, who often reciprocate. A Redditor and his family surprised a group of firefighters by sending them a DoorDash order of cheese pizzas on the anniversary of 9/11. And DoorDash themselves even provides free DashPasses to frontline workers, giving them access to reduced service fees and unlimited free delivery. A little gesture really can go a long way.